100-0 is Over the Top

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the now infamous girls varsity high school basketball game in Texas last week that ended with a score of 100-0. If not, you can read about it here.

But if you don’t feel like clicking, here’s the rundown:

Two girls varsity high school teams were playing each other. From the start, it was clear Covenant was the better team over Dallas Academy. It was nearly 60-0 by halftime. Yet the winning coach kept the girls on a full court press and had them bombing away 3-pointers even in the fourth quarter in a lame attempt to reach 100 points. The losing team, Dallas Academy, attempted 7 shots. Let me repeat that…ATTEMPTED 7 shots. Making none.

Now I’m a competitive guy and I love to win. And I think kids should be taught to win at a pretty early age. There’s something to be said for trying your hardest 100% of the time and never letting up. No player should ever be punished for giving his maximum effort, and no players should ever be asked to simply lay down and roll over for another team. In short, winning is a good thing.

But there are limits. And in this particular game, those limits were not only reached, they were exceeded.

The coach of Covenant has been fired, but he didn’t go quietly. While the head of the school admitted shame over the win and said it “wasn’t very Christ-like,” head coach Micah Grimes maintains he did nothing wrong. Well ladies and gentlemen, Micah Grimes is a fucking idiot who should never be allowed to coach again.

When you’re up by 60 points in the first half and the other team hasn’t scored, that should be enough of a clue to friggin relax. All of the starters should be taken out and the scrubs should be put in. Furthermore, Grimes should’ve told his players to drop into a relaxed zone defense, and on offense they should’ve been made to pass the ball at least three times on every possession before shooting. That way his inexperienced players get some playing time, they can still work on skills and they also learn sportsmanship.

But instead, Micah Grimes went the other way.

He had his players in a full court press even in the 4th quarter. He went gung ho on offense and defense in an attempt to score 100 points, and only let up after that goal had been reached. And even after losing his job and being publicly flogged in the media, he STILL refused to admit he was wrong.

It is a player’s job to play 100% so I don’t blame these girls. It is a coach’s job to guide his players and Grimes fell woefully short in this category. He can try to hide behind the paltry excuse of competitive spirit, but when you see the opposing team has neither the means or the skill to compete with your team, it is your duty as a KIDS coach to mitigate the damage. There is no honor in a 100-0 victory against such an inferior opponent. Not even in the pros would this be looked at as a good thing, so how can anyone possibly try to justify it at the high school varsity level?

In a few years I’ll be the parent of a boy involved in youth sports. And whether Will was on the winning or losing end of a 100-0 victory, you can bet your ass I’d be tearing the coach of the winning team a new one for pulling that kind of shit. It’s unnecessary and it sends a bad message. You can teach your kid to be competitive and foster a love of winning, while simultaneously displaying class and sportsmanship.

I know some people will say this is the watering down of the competitive spirit in America. But in my opinion, those people are wrong. Leagues that don’t keep score or teams that are afraid to cut players for fear of hurt feelings are watering down competitiveness and I don’t agree with those things. But showing a clearly inferior team some mercy during an obvious rout is not in the same category as the things I mentioned.

Here’s to hoping Micah Grimes never coaches youth sports again.

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7 thoughts on “100-0 is Over the Top

  1. They didn’t score in the last 4 minutes, which just cements the fact that they were trying for 100-0. It wasn’t about winning or trying their hardest, it was about embarassing a team 100-0.

    After the fact, in addition to apologizing, the principal of the winning team has forfeited the game. Now personally I think that’s too much. But after the forfeit, this is the first “win” for the team in 4 years.

    Oh yeah, you didn’t point out that the losing school is an extremely small school for kids with learning disabilities. But the overall point is the same regardless. Apparently the same two schools met a week later in boys basketball and the smaller school won.

  2. Also, I believe I read some where that the winning team had 8 players….can’t really rotate all that much;)

  3. Just to clarify I’m not saying that that makes it okay-I’m saying that it’s more of the “rubbing in your face” attitude…

  4. See, if those parents hadn’t signed a behavior contract this coach never would have made it through the 3rd quarter. They would have torn him apart but nooooo, no one wants to be banned from sporting events for life so they all just sat back and watched it play out.

  5. My first thought after reading the article was that I see no shame in people playing to the best of their abilities. I think I missed the part of the article where it stated that the starters/better players were in the whole time.

    After reading other people’s comments and reading debates on other forums I can definitely see how the coach was wrong. He was running up the score and didn’t care about anything else. And you know, he got carried away in the excitement. Everyone makes mistakes, but the problem is that he acted like he did nothing wrong. If he had admitted that it was wrong and apologized I don’t think he would have been fired.

    Now, on the learning disabilities comment, I thought the children had ADD/ADHD? Michael Phelps had ADHD and started swimming as an outlet for his extra energy. Sports can be great for kids with ADHD so I’m not so sure that is a factor that should be thrown into the debate.

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