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Celtics fans have waited 22 years to raise another championship banner. In 2004, Red Sox fans had gone through an 86-year drought.

My 11-week-old son was born into a world where the Red Sox are champions and now he’s seen the Boston Celtics win their league-leading 17th banner! Against the Lakers no less!!

Hot damn…there has NEVER been a better time to be a Boston sports fan. Never!

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2 thoughts on “17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I couldn’t stay up to watch the end but I knew we clenched it as soon as we were up by 30 something points…

    Pretty exciting I’d say!


  2. What a time last night! The crowd outside was wild! We walked through the marketplace and took a picture with the statue of Red! It was a great game to be at, and there is nothing like winning a championship at home!

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