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Glimpses of the (not so far off) future

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Yesterday our good friend Alicia drove up here from North Carolina with her 9-month-old son to visit us. He is my godson and the last time I saw him he couldn’t even crawl. So imagine my surprise when I found out he was mobile. He was crawling and pulling himself up to stand…just unbelievable. And he’s fast! You turn your head for one second and he’s across the room and into something he’s not supposed to be into.

It was very strange to see what I’ll be dealing with in less than one year. When I look at Victor and then my little Will it doesn’t even seem possible that in so short a time he’ll be crawling around and gearing up to walk. And I felt a little guilty but all I could think about was putting that off for as long as possible. It’s selfish, but I don’t want him to grow up so fast. But he will, and yesterday I saw just how watchful a parent of a toddler has to be. It’s not like right now when we can leave Will in a swing for 15 minutes if we want to eat. Toddlers are teething, crawling, walking and getting into EVERYTHING. I hope I’m ready when the time comes.

In other news, Will is eating every couple of hours on the dot which is wearing MJ out. He must be going through a helluva growth spurt because all the kid does is eat and poop. Throw in SportsCenter and you have my perfect life. I’m actually jealous of him. MJ’s doing well also and I’m astounded at how fantastic she looks. She’s lost almost 20 lbs and she only gave birth less than two weeks ago. I think I’ve put on more weight than she did during this pregnancy. It’s amazing that she had the baby and I’m the one with stretch marks. But everyone brings you so much food after you have¬†a baby and you’re home so much, it’s hard not to pig out.

Anyways, changing diapers is getting easier and easier. I should start timing myself like NASCAR pit crews during tire changes. Except those guys don’t have to worry about constantly being peed on. Will’s jaundice is slowly dissipating and we’re taking more and more walks outside. Actually, we’ve taken him out a lot recently because MJ is sick of listening to me bitch. On Saturday night we went to a dinner party at my best friend’s family’s house and Will was great. You couldn’t even tell a newborn was in the room he was so quiet. And although MJ isn’t quite ready for the road trips I keep suggesting, at least we’re getting out of the house.

I have to admit though, I am kind of sad about going back to work next week. But more on that later. Right now the sun is shining for the first time in two days so I’m going to take advantage of it.

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