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A Good Day

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I’ve been a parent now for two weeks. Even in that short time I’ve already had many amazing experiences. Watching him grow, learning his sounds and cries and trying to perfect the art of the diaper change…all of it has been fun. But so far, nothing has been as fantastic as yesterday.

That’s because we took Will, at the age of 13 days, to The Conference Table in Falmouth to view the 2004 and 2007 Red Sox World Series trophies. I never got to see the 2004 trophy when it made its rounds because I was so busy. So when I found out it was coming to the Cape I vowed that not only would I see it, but I’d share the experience with my son.

As we waited for the trophies to arrive we were the center of attention. Everyone kept asking how old Will was and then displayed their shock that we were out and about with a 2-week-old baby. But when I spoke of my love for the Red Sox and my desire to share it with my son, they all smiled and nodded knowingly. A few people even took pictures of Will in his Red Sox outfit and made phone calls talking about him. I heard one guy say “Seriously…a 13-day-old baby fully dressed in Sox gear to see the trophies.” My wife proudly pointed out that he was born on a day the Sox weren’t playing because he must’ve known we didn’t want to miss a game.

When I saw the Red Sox car pull into the driveway my heart fluttered a little. When they unveiled the trophies just 20 feet away from us I got goosebumps. All I could think about was my Dad telling me about his grandfather who took him to Fenway Park when he was a kid and got him hooked on the Red Sox. And my first trip to Fenway sitting along the third base line and soaking in the Green Monster for the first time. I thought about the members of my family — and all of Red Sox nation — who died before they could see these trophies, and how my Dad’s first instinct when they won in 2004 was to call his deceased grandfather.

Will was asleep but I whispered in his ear how lucky he is and even though he can’t understand a thing I’m saying, I tried to wake him up and urged him to remember this day.

My wife — who is the absolute coolest woman on Earth — knew how important this was to me so she volunteered to take the picture of just me and Will. Father and son, surrounded by two World Series trophies. I dare you to create a more perfect scenario than that!

I looked from the trophies, to my son and back again trying to fight back tears. Although they expressly told us not to touch the trophies, I made sure Will’s outstretched fingers brushed the back of the 2004 trophy ever so slightly. What were they going to do, arrest me while holding a newborn?? Now I can tell my son that he’s touched a piece of sports history like no other. I can’t wait until he’s old enough to appreciate this story.

Some people waited 86 years before they could view a Red Sox World Series trophy. My son did it in less than two weeks. Talk about father-son bonding!

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