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Already a political machine

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The Gouveia family united in Norton, MA earlier today for a political rally.

My dad was running a write-in campaign to become Town Moderator and we figured he could use all the help he could. So after work, we bundled Will up, put him in the car and trekked 45 minutes north to Norton. Voter turnout was low due to bad weather (and a very uninteresting ballot) but Will seemed to warm everyone up as soon as we took him out to cheer on his grandpa. We also made him two signs. One you can see in the picture that said “Vote For My Grandpa Bill Gouveia — Moderator.” The other one said “If You Don’t Write-In Bill Gouveia for Moderator Then You Hate Babies!”

As it turns out, little Will is good luck as my father unseated an incumbent by a┬áhealthy margin. Pretty impressive considering his name wasn’t even on the ballot. My son isn’t even a month old yet and he’s already spearheaded a successful political campaign. That’s my boy.

But I think the coolest thing about today was how everything has come full circle. You see, my parents are townies in Norton. Their parents grew up in town, they chose to marry and stay there and so my brother and I were the third generation to grow up there. My dad has always been involved in town politics, serving on the Finance Committee, twice as a selectman, the Cable Commission and now Moderator. So when I turned 18 he happened to be running for selectman, meaning the first person I ever voted for was my dad. I held campaign signs for him when I was a kid and now his grandson had a sign attached to his carseat.

And if that’s not proof enough Will is good luck, the Sox pulled out a win in the bottom of the 9th.

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