A Challenge, An Update & a Weekend Away

First, the challenge:

Cape Cod Gal and I are in the middle of a weight loss challenge, but we’ve come up with a little side bet between the two of us. The contest begins Nov. 1 but prior to that, we will both go into a professional health club and have our body fat measured. That’s going to be unbelievably humiliating, especially since she’s already skinny and she’s just doing this to tone up. Don’t you hate when skinny people think they need to lose weight? But anyways, the contest will run from Nov. 1 to Dec. 29. Whoever loses the highest percentage of body fat in that time wins. The loser, however, will have to take part in the Cape Cod Polar Plunge. If you’ve never heard of it, the Polar Plunge consists of wackos who strip down to their bathing suits on Jan. 1 and jump in the freezing cold ocean water for charity. So the loser has to not only do that, but they have to dress up in floaties and have their picture taken doing it. Said pictures will be posted on both of our blogs for the other’s humiliation.

She’s so dead and she doesn’t even know it yet.

The update:

Speaking of the HASAY Challenge:

I ran 3.5 miles yesterday in the freezing cold. It’s the first time I’ve run in two months and it was pretty painful. Before I stopped running, I was doing that distance in just less than 32 minutes. Yesterday it took me 35 minutes 27 seconds. That does not bode well for the 5k I’m running on Sunday.

And speaking of this weekend…

The Weekend Away:

I probably won’t be posting this weekend because me, MJ and Will are headed up to the Berkshires with about a dozen of our college friends for a nice weekend away in Vermont. We’ll only be staying about 30 minutes from North Adams, where we went to college, so I’m sure we’ll visit our old stomping grounds and get ridiculously drunk and silly. I will take lots of pictures and post the ones that are appropriate. The weekend ends with the Sam Gomez Classic 5k Road Race on Sunday. My friend Alex (aka TheBear) are running it and I’m sure we’ll come up with a creative side bet for the loser. I just hope I don’t keel over or have my chest freeze up in the cold mountain air. We have frost this morning on the Cape so I can only imagine what it’s like up in the mountains.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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18 thoughts on “A Challenge, An Update & a Weekend Away

  1. That polar bear challenge sounds fierce. Good luck on that! Good for you for running, so what if you need to build back up to your old speed. Running is way better than the wimpy power walking I’ve been doing. In my defense, I don’t want to give my kid shaken baby syndrome by making the stroller bounce too much…

  2. Please….you are more than dead! I’ve already started on the protein shakes. My only hurdle is between Thanksgiving and Xmas. I usually eat twice my body weight.

    BadAss: Me in a bathing suit is scary!!!!

  3. LOL … we only want to see the “inappropriate” pictures from your wild weekend!

  4. 3.5 miles in how long? Wow! Just stopping by to offer support from HASAY, but it looks like you don’t need it either! Everyone is kicking some butt in the exercise category!

  5. 3.5 miles in just over 35 minutes. Before I got sick and stopped running regularly two months ago I had that same distance down to under 32 minutes, so I’ve got a ways to go to get back into form.

  6. Remember, all fat measuring machines are not equal. I don’t know the differences, but someone smarter can explain. I guess if you go to the same place, then the competition won’t be “rigged”.

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