A Day Off? I’d Rather Work.

To me, a day off means just that. Off. As in, do nothing.

A day off is a day to relax, to unwind and not to worry about all the shit that’s been plaguing me at work. I need to decompress from the considerable amount of stress I’ve been under, enjoy some time with my family and allow my brain to literally stop working for just a bit.

But my wife doesn’t share my definition of a day off.

To her, a day off from work simply means shifting her work mentality to focus on issues at home. Her “day off” means doing laundry, cleaning the house, finishing off the dishes, paying bills and running errands. In short, her perception of a day off is often busier than work itself.

Look, I’m not an idiot. I understand all those things are chores that have to be completed. But they don’t all have to be done today, especially when Sundays are the only day we get to spend together as a family. And soon we won’t even have those because let’s face it, football season is starting! I go to half the games because my dad has season tickets and the other half will consist of me and Will going to my parents house to watch DirectTV’s Sunday Ticket all day to root on the Patriots and our fantasy teams.

I just want to spend time with my family on my days off and do nothing but enjoy them. I don’t want to clean, I don’t want to do the laundry and I’ll worry about the damn dishes later. Human beings (seemingly with the exception of my wife) need to have some “chill” time or else they will go postal. But unfortunately my choices today are hop on board the MJ-OCD-must-get-everything-done-today Express or laze around on the couch while she does all the chores and makes me feel like a lazy, good for nothing slob.

I might as well go into work.

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7 thoughts on “A Day Off? I’d Rather Work.

  1. I’m with you and my house reflects it. That’s why I can’t invite anyone over. It looked better when I was unemployed or underemployed, but now that I work six out of seven days, it’s taking it’s taking it toll. The Mister works longer hours and usually seven days out of seven days. The Oldest, who worked around the house a lot, is gone.
    But you’re right, a day off with no chores is necessary to relieve the stress of work and life.l Otherwise, going postal becomes a reality.
    But isn’t it a pain in the backside when your spouse is working around the house and you just have to join her or look like a lazy a**?

  2. Convince MJ to take the day off and then take Will to the daycare and then wisk MJ away, OUT OF THE HOUSE, go for a walk along a beach, lunch, movie, ANYTHING away from the house. If she’s not home she can’t do all those other things.

  3. Sadly, I do the same thing as MJ. Saturdays are my day off to myself (without Big K). I spend the entire day running around doing errands, cleaning, doing laundry and anything else I couldn’t get to during the week. By 6pm I’m exhausted wondering what happened to my day off.

    BTW…there is a 5 mile run in Sandwich this Saturday. Are you game????

  4. Yeah, I’m the same. You would have to get me away from the house and give me many drinks to have me relax and sit around all day. Sickness doesn’t even keep me down. Having a baby and having surgery didn’t keep me down. I cleaned my hospital room three hours after delivering my son.

    About the only time I can lay around and let everything go is if I have a nasty hangover. It’s impossible for me to do nothing all day unless splitting headaches and vomit are involved.

  5. I like a good laze about myself. However, I also have this very odd thing happen to me when I clear all the mess out of the house and finish all my to-do lists: I feel relaxed. So maybe that is MJs thing. She feels better when all the work is done.

  6. So which did you choose???? Big money rests on the answer 🙂

    “my choices today are hop on board the MJ-OCD-must-get-everything-done-today Express or laze around on the couch while she does all the chores and makes me feel like a lazy, good for nothing slob”

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