A Disturbing New Development

It’s been well documented here that I think it’s pretty hilarious when my boy fondles himself. Well not anymore.

In a disturbing new trend, Will has picked up a bad habit. Namely he is constantly tugging the front of his diaper. He pulls and pulls and pulls until the top of it is down and exposing his little twig and berries. Last night at his grandparents’ house, he whipped it out right in front of them. All of that is expected and not so bad, but this morning is where I draw the line.

After waking up THREE times during the night (I’m getting no sleep lately) he woke up for good at 6 a.m. I was lazing on the couch while he played with toys and watched TV. I saw him pulling at his diaper and told him to stop. A few minutes later I heard what sounded like water being spilled on the floor. I looked around but saw nothing and tried to go back to sleep. Then I heard it again, but this time more muffled. That’s when I noticed a dark spot on the carpet.

I got up and walked over there trying to figure out if it was the cat or the dog that had just peed on the floor. Well imagine my surprise when I turned my head, saw my son yanking his diaper down and his pecker up, and then pissing all over the floor and my foot.

Will has peed on my before, but it was during diaper changes. This is the first time he’s hosed me down from a standing position and in the living room. I went on to discover about four more piss spots on the floor from where Will had pulled down his diaper and let loose.

Is this normal? Does anyone have any suggestions for how to remedy this situation. It’d be one thing if I had been stung by a jellyfish and Will was urinating on my foot to save me from swelling and irritation, but that’s not the case. He’s just whizzing on me for sport.

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17 thoughts on “A Disturbing New Development

  1. How old is he now? You think is he ready for potty training? My son was potty trained at a year old.

  2. finding me: That’s what our daycare provider said this morning. He’s almost 17 months now so it would be early, but not unheard of. I hear most boys start potty training around 2.5 or 3 years old. But he’s been early at just about everything so maybe it is time.

  3. My son potty trained before two also. He was just ready and let us know it. (Not by peeing on the floor though) But the fact that Will understands where his pee comes from and doesn’t want his diaper wet screams potty training…GL!!! They always say girls are easier than boys to potty train but that hasn’t been my experience.

  4. Duct tape on the diaper has been suggested by people who have kids who like to get out of their diapers. I don’t know how that would work for potty changes but maybe if you did it for awhile he would get that there is a restriction on taking it off.

  5. He’s trying to tell you – if I do this, this thing gets wet! What part don’t you understand? Obviously the child is a genius and is ahead of the curve!

  6. Be proud Daddy Files. Your son is growing up 🙂 Time for the potty training 🙂

  7. Potty training was the first thing that came to my mind also…David was 3.5 when he was finally trained and we started early…had lots of set backs…but every kid is different…and with the benefits of having other kids around (older) he may be learning by example!:)

  8. LMAO!!! Both of my older boys were potty trained by two, the third took his time and was four. I found out when boys discover the basis of their manhood with my oldest. He was potty training and all I could hear was, “Daddy! Daddy, look!! Ta da!!” Over and over. He had woken up, sat on the toilet and learned how to flex it….

  9. Maybe you can keep a bucket handy … give him a treat for whizzing in the can and not on your foot?

  10. Rub his nose in it. It worked for my dogs. Seriously though that is a bad habit I hope I don’t have to deal with.

  11. ROTFLMAO @ Otter

    I was going to suggest potty training but it seems everone else already came to that conclusion, lol.

  12. Well, you just made me thankful for having two girls again. I AM a girl and can barely figure out what in the hell is going on…but if i had a boy I’d be lost forever.

    I agree with the others – sounds like he is going to love the fruit loops in the potty – ‘pee on them’ thing. He may be an easy one to potty train!!!!! (But a difficult one to keep his thing in his pants when he starts dating – sorry, I had to say it).

  13. I would get the potty. Next time he tries to pee on the floor point him in that direction. I wouldn’t push it too much yet, but it’s good to have so you can get him used to the idea at least.

  14. Sorry, no advice here. I grew up with five sisters and no brothers. I have two girls and no boys. I never saw this behavior first hand. However, potty training seems like a good idea. My MIL used the fruit loops in the toliet method. She said it was successful.
    I found your last line hysterically funny. I’m sure you don’t, sorry.

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