A Little Something to Lighten the Mood

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MJ was sad but she did well this morning and was able to leave the house without incident. I’m going to check on her at work later today but I think she’ll be fine. She might even like being at work and talking to other adults for a change, although I’m sure she’ll rush home as soon as possible to be with Will.

In the meantime, check out the video below. It cracked me up and if you have a sick, dark sense of humor you’ll love it too…

Click here for Baby Fights!

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3 thoughts on “A Little Something to Lighten the Mood

  1. Great clip! Take MJ out to lunch and reassure her. Keep us posted on great sitter stories.

  2. MJ will do very well very she comes a long line of sturdy working moms who love their children. She is the best.

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