A Regular Weekend!

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I have to work tomorrow night but I have Sunday and Monday off. Do you hear that? I have two days off in a row!!!!! I could not be more excited.

That having been said, I probably won’t be posting much because the wife and I actually have some plans this weekend. We’re going to be at our friend’s house in Yarmouth drinking a few beers and having ourselves a ball. Six or seven adults, at least two kids, good food and plenty of beer. I can’t wait. So I’m actually going to unplug for a couple of days and completely ignore this blog and the Internet in general. We’ll see how that plan actually goes…

Here are a few quick hits to tide you over:

— While I won’t vote for her, Sarah Palin is not just a MILF. She’s a GILF!! (Governor I’d Like to F–k!)



— I can’t announce any good news yet but hopefully soon. Just awaiting final approval.

— Cape Cod Gal is a frequent commenter and as it turns out, a wonderfully talented writer herself. Check out her blog here and you won’t be disappointed.

— I have an idea for a hit TV show that involves mothers and their babies. I’ll post more next week.

— And finally, have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend everybody. And if you’re in Yarmouth and you hear drunken screams, the cries of children and police sirens…someone bail me out immediately!

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2 thoughts on “A Regular Weekend!

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Everyone should check out Bad Ass Geek too. (see the links) The man is damn funny and very twisted!

    I’ll be in Yarmouth too. We’ll see who can scream louder!!!

    You’re really drawing this surprise thing out to torture us aren’t you?

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  2. That picture kinda creeped me out. Also, “GILF” sounds like the sound one would make stifiling vomit after seeing something horribly disgusting.

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