A Sox Baby

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For the non-sports fans out there, yesterday  marked the start of the 2008 Red Sox season and I’m happy to say my unborn child was prominently involved.

It was a bit of a unique experience this year because the Red Sox are playing in Tokyo, Japan. The time difference meant Sox fans had to wake up at 6 am if they wanted to catch the game live, which is exactly what I did. I thought about waking MJ up and making her sleep on the couch so the baby could hear the game, but I wisely reconsidered bothering a tired pregnant and depriving her of sleep. Anyways, the Red Sox were trailing by a run headed into the 9th inning and that’s when MJ finally woke up. With one out and rookie Brandon Moss up to bat, I asked her to come sit on the couch to see if the baby would bring the team good luck.

On the very next pitch, Moss hit a game-tying home run to send the game into extra innings. The Sox went on to win in the 10th. It’s official: my baby is a good luck charm for the Sox! I was jumping around and talking to my wife’s belly and telling him/her how much they helped Daddy’s favorite team. I think I even felt a kick or two in response. It was really fun because whether this kid is a boy or girl, sports are going to be a huge part of his/her life. The kid’s first words might be “Remy” or “Papi” and I have no doubt if it’s a boy, he’ll go on to play first base for the team someday.

There’s a little bit of friction between me and my wife because her due date is April 16, which is smack in the middle of a Red Sox – Yankees series. The hospital only has basic cable, which is utterly ridiculous, so I’ll be sneaking some sort of walkman or small radio into the hospital. MJ said I can’t take it into the delivery room, but I already have people lined up to text message score updates to my cell phone. I’m just glad she’s giving birth at the beginning of the season. If she was due during the World Series it could’ve gotten really ugly.

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