A Whole Day With My Son

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I had a rare opportunity on Saturday and I planned to take full advantage of it!

With MJ working during the day on Saturdays, that means I have Will all to myself. That’s rare because usually I’m at work and even if I’m not, MJ tends to hog him a little. She’d dispute that, but you moms out there have to admit that even when you don’t mean to, you never like to leave him alone. So needless to say I was prepared to relish the opportunity to spend a little one-on-one time with him.

We had to drive to my Aunt’s house because it was my cousin’s birthday party and there were some relatives that hadn’t met Will. I envisioned a day of me showing off my son, him sitting on my lap giggling and smiling and everyone telling me how beautiful he is. Well, I quickly learned about what happens when you take your new baby out to be with family:


I couldn’t believe it. I stopped at my parents’ house first because I was early, and I asked them to watch him for half an hour while I went for a 3-mile jog. But even if I didn’t ask them to watch him, it wouldn’t have mattered. I think my Mom and Dad watch the driveway to see my car pull up, and then they battle for position near the door to determine who’s the first one to hold him. It’s actually pretty cute. My dad would hold Will all the time, 24/7 if no one stopped him. He loves him so much and can’t get enough of him. My poor mother has to literally rip him out of my dad’s hands just to say hello. But either way, there’s no way I’m holding the baby.

Then we got to my aunt’s house and honestly, I don’t think I held Will the entire time. Well, except when it was time to change a poopy diaper. Curiously enough, no one wanted to hold him just then. Go figure. But for the better part of three hours he was passed from relative to relative and I barely saw him at all. Not that I totally minded because I got to hang out with my cousins and play bocce, but I just thought it was an interesting phenomenon that whenever you go somewhere with a baby, you will not hold your child for the duration.

And lastly, you can’t underestimate how powerful a new baby is either. Let’s just say I wasn’t on the best terms with a couple of my aunts, and our last correspondence had been…well, let’s just say unfriendly and leave it at that. But as soon as they saw Will, it was as if all was forgotten. He’s only been around 3 months, but my little guy is already making his presence known.

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One thought on “A Whole Day With My Son

  1. That’s adorable. I would always get nervous at events like that with my kids. I didn’t like them being passed from one set of grubby hands to the next, lol. I was convinced that everyone that wanted to hold the baby was going to give him typhoid fever or some such nonsense.

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