Abort Tim Tebow(‘s Ad)

For years, the worst commercials during the Super Bowl have been the ridiculously boring car ads and the (more than) slightly disturbing erectile dysfunction spots.

But this year will feature something much more offensive.

Tim Tebow — Mr. Super Christian Homeschooled Heisman winner and soon to be NFL flop — will appear in a 30-second ad with his mother, during which time they are expected to deliver an antiabortion message. The $2.5 million spot is being paid for by the ultra right wing group Focus on the Family, and represents a marked departure from the long held CBS policy that did not allow advocacy ads of any kind. Tebow’s mother is expected to talk about how doctors told her to have an abortion due to a medical condition that could have killed her and the baby prior to birth, and how she ignored their advice and ended up giving birth to a quarterback.

Look, let’s get a few things straight right off the bat.

I am pro choice. Very much so. I don’t agree with Tim Tebow’s views on pretty much anything. However, this is America and everyone has a right to voice their own opinions. I’m glad things worked out for Mrs. Tebow and I admire the courage it took to go forward with the pregnancy, even at the risk of dying. So I have no issues with Tebow expressing a different viewpoint.

My problem is with CBS and their disgusting hypocrisy.

For as long as anyone can remember, commercials aired during the Super Bowl have been rhetoric-free. Sure they included over the top fictitious linebackers, annoying frogs, “Mean” soda pitchmen and — worst of all — the “Wassssup” douchebags, but the great thing about it was the absence of political ads and commercials that advocated for ANY particular cause.

Now, largely because of the floundering economy, CBS has suddenly and completely sold out reversed course and changed it’s policy on advocacy ads. But if only it were that simple.

You see, their policy revision is hardly all-encompassing. Because while they’re allowing Focus on the Family — a religious organization that is unabashedly pro life and against gays — they’ve rejected an ad from a business that runs a gay dating site called ManCrunch. Apparently the ad was of two male football fans watching a game together. Their hands touch in the potato chip bowl and they then proceed to comically make out. But despite the decision by CBS to allow the antiabortion Tebow ad, they refused to air the commercial for a gay dating site.

And by doing that, CBS has sent a clear message to the world. By aligning themselves with a fundamentalist conservative religious group they’ve made it clear they have one set of rules for the religious right, and a much different set for the various left-leaning organizations who they have repeatedly shut out of the biggest advertising opportunity of the year.

How about in 2004 when the United Church of Christ came to the network with an ad that showed a gay couple being turned away from a church, only to come to the UCC and be accepted? The tagline was “Jesus didn’t turn people away. Neither do we.” This message of inclusion, acceptance and love for all was turned down. A commercial that promoted respect for all people, regardless of things like sexual orientation, was disallowed because it didn’t fit the standards of CBS.

Meanwhile Tim Tebow’s mother is guilting women everywhere in an attempt to convince them that a perfectly legal medical procedure that could save a mother’s life under certain circumstances, is really a shameful endeavor. Also some people are now questioning the veracity of Mrs. Tebow’s story.

The Tebows were in the Philippines at the time of Tim Tebow’s birth. And abortion is illegal there under ALL circumstances. Even when the mother’s life is at stake. Doctors who advocate or perform abortions, as well as the offending mother, are subject to criminal prosecution and a hefty six years in prison. Would a doctor advise an abortion at the risk of spending the next six years in jail? Notorious attorney Gloria Allred doesn’t think so, and is threatening to file complaints with the FTC and FCC is the ad airs without mentioning that abortions in the Philippines were illegal at the time.

But getting back to the main point, Focus on the Family’s slogan is “Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life.” Yet, as Michael Rowe of the Huffington Post points out, the group contributed $727,000 to help pass Proposition 8 in California, which effectively robs gay people of their legal right to become a family. Sorry, but that’s not celebrating family. It’s discrimination and an attempt to destroy them.

CBS made a bad decision by allowing Tebow and his homophobic moneymen a spot on the air during the Super Bowl, while simultaneously turning down a perfectly acceptable ad from a gay dating site. Besides, the Super Bowl should remain a place where we drink beer, watch scantily clad people parade around and enjoy the last NFL action for seven months.

And to think I now long for the days of erectile dysfunction and talking frogs.


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15 thoughts on “Abort Tim Tebow(‘s Ad)

  1. “The Tebows were in the Philippines at the time of Tim Tebow’s birth. And abortion is illegal there under ALL circumstances. Even when the mother’s life is at stake.”

    Wrong on that. An exception is allowed for mother’s life in danger. Look up the UN report on that country and abortion:


    “Doctors who advocate or perform abortions, as well as the offending mother, are subject to criminal prosecution and a hefty six years in prison. Would a doctor advise an abortion at the risk of spending the next six years in jail? Notorious attorney Gloria Allred doesn’t think so, and is threatening to file complaints with the FTC and FCC is the ad airs without mentioning that abortions in the Philippines were illegal at the time.”

    Allred is being misleading there. Besides not giving the info that as standard practice the mother’s life in danger is allowed as exception, she also withheld info that while the law is written as strict, enforcement is scarce, given that prosecution is RARE. If prosecution is rare then it makes moot her argument that the law is a deterrent. Can’t deter anyone from breaking the law if you are not going to punish them for doing so.

    Not to mention that hundreds of thousands of abortions are done there PER year. UN has it has between 150,000-750,000 done ILLEGALLY (as form of birth control for the most part), about which 20 percent of them are done by medically trained physicians (as opposed to folk doctors who comprimised much of the other percentages of abortions there). 20 percent out of 150,000-750,000 would be like 30,000-150,000 abortions done by doctors per year.

    So much for the argument that something written as illegal and restrictive must mean it is never practiced or ever suggested as in this case by a doctor or two. Allred is dishonest on many counts there.

    ON top of the fact that as a lawyer she SHOULD know that even the most restrictive of laws get broken every day.

    And we know when abortion was illegal in the US, there was no doctor suggesting or performing abortion. Yeah right!

    Allred contradicted the very arguments pro-choicers and pro-abortionists make there to justify why abortion should be legal. And those pro-choicers and pro-abortionists do the same thing as well just so they can slander a good family.

    Not to mention if it had been conservatives doing to a lady who made an ad that abortion help her life out what Allred and her hateful friends are doing to the Tebows, you can bet they would been accused of SEXISM.

  2. “Meanwhile Tim Tebow’s mother is guilting women everywhere in an attempt to convince them that a perfectly legal medical procedure that could save a mother’s life under certain circumstances, is really a shameful endeavor.”

    How do you know that? No one but the Tebows, FOTF, and CBS has seen the ad. From the accounts I hear from reports, the word abortion is not even going to be mention. It is just celebrating of life and the choice for life.

    Most conservative Christians do believe that abortion should be allowed in the case of mother’s life in danger.

    Let’s get real here- NOW, NARAL, and RH Reality Check are not satisfied if abortion is allowed in the cases of mother’s life in danger, rape, and incest.

    They want it allowed in all cases, even for convenience and birth control. And for folks who don’t want to be burdened with a child after each escapade. And I go by their own writings, too.

    So them raising the arguments of mother’s life in danger is just red herring. Period.

    You may be pro-choice now, but be glad you don’t have any woman who used the child to hold you hostage- where you have no say if the child lives or dies in the womb, even if the mother is perfectly healthy and even if the mother and you had the child from consensual sex.

    Pro-choice for women to do whatever they want with their own babies in them give them special rights over everyone else- both the fathers of the babies and the babies themselves. Just remember one thing- those groups that are attacking the Tebows, while saying the baby is mother’s body, if she wants an abortion, will be the first ones to say men are responsible for the babies in the womb if the mothers want to keep the babies.

  3. Ethics of abortion aside (I’m pro choice personally) the real issue here is the hipocracy of the channel.

    If you are going to allow one political point of view to buy a public platform, then you should give all points of view a platform.

    This is even worse as one is blatant propaganda, whereas the other is a actual service that just happens to be aimed at Gay people

  4. Beast: You’re going off on a tangent about abortion and missing the main point of the post. As I wrote, the Tebows are entitled to their point of view. I’m disgusted with CBS for airing (what is expected to be) a propaganda piece from a religious group while simultaneously rejecting a dating service aimed at gay men. It’s the worst kind of hypocrisy.

    Dan: Thank you. That is the crux of all this!

  5. Beast –

    You say “conservative Christians” do support abortion if the mother’s kife is at risk. Yet you say NOW and others want it all the time. You have no problem generalizing on one side, and doing the opposite on the other.

    Abortion gives women power???? Gee, I wish I had that power – the power ot carry a child for 9 months, have my body undergo severe changes, and completely change my life. Yeah, men would love that power, right?

    But as was pointed out, the point here is the hypocritical actions of CBS. Pretending the ad isn’t about abortion is silly. This is pandering to the religious right. It’s gutless and wrong. Air both sides – or air neither.

  6. Beast: In the same report you cite, it also says, “the Penal Code does not list specific exceptions to the general prohibition on abortion.” It seems like something that is a gray area at best, and politicians in the Philippines don’t talk about abortion except to condemn it. The point about Allred was simply to note that CBS should do some serious fact checking on this before airing something that is only expressing a half-truth.

    But again, you’re arguing the wrong point. I’m talking about the network’s bad decision to air an ad while unfairly restricting the opposing viewpoint. I notice you have yet to address that part. Could it be because you have no ground on which to stand?

  7. Guess what? The network does allow prochoicers to make their own ad. Pony up the money!

    Rather than raise their own money for a response ad on CBS, they chose to take the low road of character assassinating the Tebows.

    I notice you only focus on the part where it says the penal code does not list specific exceptions and ignore the part that in practice exception to mother’s life is allowed and ignore the part that illegal abortions is commonplace, even done many times by doctors. Allred and others are dishonest.

  8. CBS also rejected ads by PETA and MoveOn.org, citing that it does not run advertisements on “controversial issues of public importance.”


    They accepted this ad. Then they told an organization that wanted to run a counter ad that the deadline for submission was past. There was no announcement that the regulations were suddenly slackened. They knew good and hell well that people were going to be up in arms about it and a counter ad would be on the table. So, they wait until it’s too late to do any thing about it.

    I like my media to be unbiased. Something that seems to become more and more of a rarity ever since News corp. made the media it’s bitch.

  9. I’d continue to point out the inconsistencies in Beast’s arguments, but as we all should realize, you can’t have a reasonable and rational discussion with a zealot.

    It’s kind of like trying to objectively discuss the Patriot’s chances next year with a diehard Jets fan.

  10. I stopped by from G-Man’s post today.

    This issue has come up multiple times in our house this past week. I find it interesting, and not in a positive way, that one of the fundamental tenets of Christianity is tolerance yet having a very strong anti-gay platform is tolerant? I applaud Tim Tebow for carefully considering his own decisions and not racking up baby mamas left right and center because he is attractive and has star power on campus but I am not sure if the choice to do the ad is his or highly influenced by his family. I was surprised CBS made this choice considering their past decisions.

  11. Beast: Give me a break. You say the ad won’t mention the word abortion but it doesn’t have to. Why else would Focus on the Family run the ad? They exist specifically to prevent women from having abortions. They clearly state this on their Web site. It is their agenda. You know it, I know it and to feign innocence by saying “well they’re not specifically saying the word abortion” is stupid. Really, it’s just stupid.

    And by the way, you don’t think Planned Parenthood has the money to run a counter ad?? Bullshit! JEE is right, CBS waited to approve the Tebow ad until the submission deadline had passed. It was a calculated and gutless move on their part. But Planned Parenthood did create an ad which they posted on the Web site. And just to display how little you know about these matters, the two athletes involved in the ad were extremely kind and offered words of support for Tebow and his family. No character assassination as you claim. But I wouldn’t expect facts to get in your way!

  12. in last years prop 8 vote, ours was the only house on the street without a “yes on prop 8” sign. F-ing lemmings. there is no discussion or a hint of understanding. only fear. with money comes power, with power comes corruption. focus on the family has too much…money.

  13. My two cents as that is what the comments section is for….

    I 100% agree that media has a responsibility to be unbiased. Either run it all or run nothing.

    That being said, I have to share something that I, as a pro-life person, encounter a lot and find very frustrating. I am pro-life. I do not agree that anyone has the right to end anyone else’s life. I am anti death-penalty. Oh wait, I also am pro same-sex marriage rights, pro leaglizatin of marijuana and prostitution. And, while I am not ready to say that I am concrete in this decision, I really don’t think I believe in a god. I am not looking to turn this into a pro-life/pro-choice debate, I am just asking you all to remember that there are people who have valid, SANE, reasons for not agreeing with abortion, that are not only NOT religious zealots, but do not even belive in god. Please do not toss all pro-lifers in the same crazy basket together. Thanks. =)

  14. Jules: No doubt. That’s why this post is less about views regarding abortion and more focused on the unfairness and lack of ethics CBS has displayed regarding this ad, which happens to pertain to abortion.

    The debate on when life truly begins and whether the government has the right to impose laws on a woman’s body will be held at a later date! 😉

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