Welcome to The Daddy Files, a parenting website owned and operated by me — Aaron Gouveia. I’m a proud husband, father of three boys (7, 2, and 5 months), and director at a Boston PR firm currently living in southeastern Massachusetts.

This site is geared toward fathers, but it’s a parenting website first and foremost. In fact moms make up the majority of the readership, so all are truly welcome.

If you’re interested in parenting, marriage, and the successes and failures that invariably accompany the two, you’re in the right place.


My wife got pregnant in 2007. I was a journalist at the time and very research oriented, so my first stop was the bookstore (back when bookstores still existed) to read up on the topic. Except I didn’t want Dr. Spock or stuffy “experts” giving me technical advice. Instead, I wanted to hear from regular guys who became dads. I wanted to hear an average joe’s take on what I could expect as a new father.

The only problem? Nearly all of the books were geared toward moms. Then I found out there was a local expectant mothers group my wife could lean on for support, but again, nothing for dads. Nothing against moms, I love them (even married one), but where was the support and networking for fathers?

That’s why I started The Daddy Files. I began documenting my thoughts as a new dad to provide some support and a voice for other dads in the same predicament. Then I found a small network of other dad bloggers, and soon that network grew, and now here we are talking about how men/dads are portrayed in the media, making a concerted effort for dads to be equal partners in parenting, and tackling the messy and controversial subjects that have been taboo for far too long.


Once I started this site, a funny thing happened. I started to get noticed a bit. You can find my byline in TIME MagazineThe Huffington Post, Good Men Project, Parents Magazine, American Baby, and iVillage, just to name a few.

I’ve also worked with some of the world’s top brands. Whether it’s driving a Ferrari on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway with Toyota, going to Boston Red Sox playoff games courtesy of Dove Men+Care, interviewing Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees on behalf of Tide, being the lone dad voice for Similac, or being treated to sneak previews of the latest Netflix programming, I only agree to sponsored content with companies I like and use.

I’ve been a speaker three times for the Dad 2.0 Summit, the world’s leading conference on the changing voice and perception of modern fatherhood.

In the end, this blog is not just another “daddy blog.” Sure I write about my sons, but these pages are a record of my life. I don’t just highlight the fun milestones like first steps, I also chronicle the “other stuff.” The fights, the torment and the doubt that inevitably come with being a husband and working father balancing the demands of family life with a career as a director at a Boston PR firm. It’s not always puppy dogs and rainbows, but it is very real. And often there is beauty in the sadness, redemption in the struggle.

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  1. Hey, it’s been a while since I caught up with you. I was JulietsButterfly on the April 2008 board on BabyCenter. Just wanted to say hi and congrats on the rainbow baby Sam. Coincidentally, our Alex (April 08) has a baby brother Sam. Thought that was neat. I’ll keep following your blog off and on. Hope you’re doing well! Jen in GA

  2. Just read your piece “13 Things Not to Say to Pregnant Women” and almost died laughing. I have not read anything more true in my life. I’m currently 4 months pregnant with my first child and I was embarrassed reading it – while laughing – because damn near everything on the list has actually occurred since I’ve been preganant and anything that hasn’t happened…well I still have 5 months to go lol. The best part is that I learned of the piece from my fiance who posted it on Facebook after he came across it. Clearly a bro co-sign of your piece lol. I actually reposted it on my FB page with an apology to him for the truthfulness of it all lol. So far I have tons of comments on it. People love it. I also watched the clip of your interview with Huff Post and was even more intrigued to check out your website.
    And then I realized the source of your awesomeness…I saw the pic of your and your boys at Fenway. A Red Sox fan! Then I saw the pic of you wearing a Patriots hat. A Pats fan, too! He’s from Massachusetts! YES! I’m born in NY, raised in NJ but went to college at BU and fell in love with Boston/Massachusetts/New England. My parents coincidentally moved to Rhode Island while I was college and the family became official New Englanders (although I remain the only Boston sports convert surrounded Yankee and Giants fans -_-). I moved back to NJ for work two years ago but rather than feeling like I moved back home, I feel like I moved away from home. My fiance wears baeball hats daily. He bought a Red Sox hat to wear on our trips up North as a safety measure (he’s not a die-hard Yankee fan, obvioulsy, but he owns several Yankees hats and knows better than to wear them in NE as he does not like mistreatment lol). The point is he understands OUR kid will be a Red Sox and Patriots fan even though we live in NJ lol.
    Anyway, I’ve read some of your other posts and they’re equally hilarious. Just wanted to let you know I think you’re great and we’ll be following you from now on. And please pray for us during this process, especially my finace lol.

  3. Erika,

    Your comment made my day. Thank you (and your fiance) so much. I love hearing things like this. Also, the world gets even smaller because I lived in Allston for awhile amongst the BU folks. Price Road near Our House, The Avenue, White Horse and (blech) The Kells. If you were there in 2003-2004 we probably passed each other on the street. Or stumbled past each other. Six of one, half dozen of the other.

    Thanks for checking out the site and the kind words. Come back often and leave comments so we can keep talking, and here’s wishing you guys nothing but smooth sailing for the rest of your pregnancy. Enjoy it, it’s a tough but wonderful ride.
    Daddy Files recently posted..8 Stupid Things You Should Stop Saying to DadsMy Profile

  4. I graduated in 1995 but I lived in Allson myself for a time (on Comm Ave. in the building Aerosmith once lived in). During my first weekend as a freshman I went with some floormates to Blanchards to buy alcohol to bring back to the dorm (with fake IDs of course). Right behind us in line was the hall director who recognized us, promptly told us if we put down the bottles and walk out and he’ll forgot he ever saw us as long as he never sees us back there. Yeah, good times in Allston.

    My fiance, Jason, and I will return often! We’ve already read 8 Stupid Things You Should Stop Saying to Dads. Greatness. Thanks for the well wishes, Happy Father’s Day and GO SOX!

  5. A couple of articles in your Daycare archives are missing. Just so you know, I had no intention of inquiring as to why you had just if you had.

  6. I guess I am a problem, I am not defending what he did. BUT he asked for “forgiveness” when he confess. He was 14, he too was under age. if he did not confess you would not know about it. HE TOLD ON HIMSELF. if you can forgive, than GOD can not forgive! I am praying for you and the Duggers

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