Always a Dad

Just to let you all know, I’m in a horrible fucking mood.

After work on Saturday night, I drove all the way to New Jersey and didn’t get there until 3:30 a.m. I met my dad at the hotel, slept for a few hours and then went to tailgate at the Patriots-Jets game. And then the Patriots put on a suckfest of a football game and lost to the shitty Jets, at which point it took me SIX HOURS to drive all the way back to Massachusetts. I was stuck in traffic for an hour in Connecticut and then 30 minutes in Rhode Island.

I want to kill almost everyone.

So while I can’t rationally discuss my football experience and the thousands of greasy-haired Jersey slimeballs chanting “Ass-Hole” at me yesterday, I will provide you with a sweet little anecdote that took place at the game.

Trying to get into the stadium was a nightmare and people were jam packed waiting to get through security. The line we picked had a security guy who was literally taking 30 seconds to search each and every man who passed through the gates. Methinks he was enjoying his job of patting people down just a little too much for comfort. Although I have to admit, that’s the most extensively I’ve been groped in months so maybe it wasn’t all a bad thing.

Anyway, while we’re standing in line with Jets fans yelling “Brady sucks!” at me (I was wearing my Brady jersey), I was next to a young couple holding a cute little girl. She was 2 years old and it was her first game. She was getting a little spooked by the mass of people all pressing toward the security gate, but she relaxed a little when she caught sight of my bright red jersey. So I let her play with the jersey and then played peek-a-boo with her using my hat to cover my face.

Well, as any parent knows, once you start that game there’s no stopping. So instead of getting into shouting matches with shithead Jets fans to rev myself up for the game, I spent the next 10 minutes playing peek-a-boo with an adorable little girl.

Once a dad, always a dad I guess.

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5 thoughts on “Always a Dad

  1. You don’t have to be a parent to do that. I’d rather play with a cute little kid then deal with an asshole.

    An excellent show of self-control, Doll!

  2. Watching the game, knowing you were there, I was thinking to myself, “Man. He is going to be so fucking pissy this week if they lose.”

    Yeah. I’m a little pissy about it, too.

  3. I’d probably have played peek-a-boo with the little girl and flipped a few of them off behind my back all at the same time. I’m a major multi-tasker!

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