Am I a Bad Father?

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Last night was the first night we’ve spent apart from Will…

And it was FANTASTIC!!!

My parents took him because we both had to work the day shift this morning and then after work we’re driving up to Maine for a christening tomorrow morning. So we figured why not let my parents have Will (they love him and can’t get enough of him and may not give him back) so we could have a date night? So we went out to a nice Italian restaurant and it was so great.

We talked, and not just about Will. We flirted and MJ got tipsy on a couple of martinis. We held hands, we dressed up (she looked FANTASTIC!) and we felt like husband and wife again. I know that sounds simple but it’s no easy feat when you’re both working and taking care of an infant. Sometimes you feel more like roommates than spouses. And after dinner…well…let’s just say the whole night was a blast. (Cough, cough…SANDWICHES…cough!) Yeah I’m a tool, I know. So what??

Anyways, we both started to feel guilty halfway through the night because we were having such a great time. And neither one of us wanted to admit it, but we didn’t miss Will that much. Does that make us awful parents? I mean, it felt a little weird not to put him to bed and wake up with him this morning, but we were both glad we had one night off to reconnect.

In the end, I think it’s a good thing. I don’t want to be one of those parents who can’t bear to be without their kids for a day. Clingy parents annoy the hell out of me and I think you lose some of the spark in your marriage if it’s always about the kid. Don’t get me wrong, we put Will first but we also think it’s important to always make time for each other as well. By tonight when we do pick up Will I think I’ll be very happy to see him and that’s when I’ll realize how much I missed him.

But last night…not so much! And that’s not a bad thing.

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