And Her Name Was Anna

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He never expected it.

It hit him like a ton of bricks, literally stopping him in his tracks. One minute he’s walking around the conference room, preparing for an upcoming meeting, and the next minute he’s floored.

Her name was Anna and she was beautiful.

She was older than him by a year, but love is ageless. He approached her — well, staggered toward her is more accurate — and gazed at her in pure amazement. And Anna? She returned his look with complete indifference and then ran away. And as he chased after her, desperately seeking her attention, he was completely unaware that a lifelong dance had just begun.

It was so cute watching Will flirt with 28-month-old Anna at the Daddy & Baby Pizza Party yesterday. The look of “Oh my God look at this beautiful girl” was one I hope he gets from me every time I glance at my wife and think “Oh my God look at this beautiful girl who decided to marry me.” But in the middle of the dozen guys and their babies buzzing around the room yesterday, I felt a torrent of emotions.

First of all, I can’t believe how fast time went by. Looking at the babies — some of them just 3 weeks old — I became envious. The only way I can describe it is using the Red Sox as an example. Prior to 2004 all Red Sox fans dreamed of what it would be like to win it all. And then it happened. And it was fantastic and we enjoyed every minute of it. But when all the hubbub passed, we came to a stark realization: We’d never get to relive it again. The Sox won the World Series again in 2007 and it was fantastic, but it was nowhere near as great as the first time. So sure we may have a second child, but it won’t be the same. It can’t be the same. All those milestones and the things you learn with the first child…I was a little jealous those dads had all of that in front of them still.

But besides pining for the past, I also got a view of the future and how fast Will is growing up. He’s already into girls, specifically older women who play hard to get. And just like his daddy, he follows them around doggedly until he finally wears them down.

Yup, my boy’s perseverance finally paid off. They were in the corner and I watched as Will leaned forward, closed his eyes, and waited for his hard-earned kiss. Anna looked at him with great amusement, and then — ever the lady — offered him her cheek instead of the lips. And then she ran off again.

And the dance resumed.

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14 thoughts on “And Her Name Was Anna

  1. I feel envious sometimes too, that those days are behind me. But then I remind myself that while they have all those ‘firsts’ in their future, they also still have all that teething and the middle of the night feedings and hundreds of dirty diapers in their future.
    Will’s a cutie. I don’t think he’ll have too much trouble with the ladies. 🙂

  2. How sweet is that. I remember in kindergarten walking home from school and begging this gorgeous little girl Judy to kiss me.

    And then she became my beautiful and brave human shield when the neighborhood bully Ronnie threw rocks at me.

    Chivalry is not dead. And no boys can kiss my Bea. No way.

    Go Giants!

  3. Hilarious. You as father to a son get a kick out of him chasing after girls…Me as father to a daughter am horrified by that…Thankfully I have a little time she’s only 6 weeks old…Great post.

  4. Harlots and Cougars and Stonings Oh My!

    But seriously, if I had a daughter this post would’ve read slightly differently. Probably something like this:

    “My precious little girl was stalked and nearly sexually assaulted by a crazed towheaded boy who attempted to force himself on her. That’s it, I’m never taking her out in public when boys are around ever again. Where’s that damn chastity belt?”

  5. My first crush was on a 6 year old girl who let me kiss her behind the fire station building. I’ll never forget..she just sat there and looked straight ahead. I went in for the kiss and then ran away.
    We never talked about it again…but I do remember wishing later in jr high..that I’d like to kiss her boyfriend

  6. He is learning some of their karate like moves to slow our advances already. Glad he is getting a head start.

  7. Sweet poetry. You are certainly a wordsmith. We watch old videos a lot, reliving the milestones, and each child was so special in how the acted as a baby–it is certainly sad those times are behind us. Congrats to Will, dude has skillz.

  8. Ugh…see, as a mom I would totally be crushed for my little boy and would be cursing the little…uh..girl out for ignoring my little desperately in love boy. lol! At least he’s persistent. lol! Cute story…poor Will.

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