And the Winner Is…

OK, so I forgot to pick a winner for the Futures at Fenway giveaway last night. It was my birthday, sue me. I couldn’t decide between the entries as they were all worthwhile. So I decided to take the gutless way out and pick names out of a hat.

And the winner of the free 4-pack of tickets to Fenway Park this Saturday is…


Heather wrote:

“We’re taking a road trip from Philadelphia to Maine and want to make the journey part of the vacation. Two of our children were born in Boston and now live in Phillies country (not easy, but I guess easier than living with Yankee fans). When we make our trips back to New England – they stock up on Red Sox and Patriots shirt/hats/etc. Their bedroom is devoted to their New England teams, yet they are stand-alone fans in their school. A trip to Fenway would definitely make it to their 10 Ten list! Thanks.

Congratulations to Heather and her brave kids. We all know Philly fans are the craziest bunch of lunatics on the planet so I can only imagine the hardships her children are facing. These are the same fans who booed Santa Claus and a paralyzed Cowboys wide-receiver, so I can only imagine the crap her kids take when they wear their Sox gear to school. The least I can do for them is treat them to one day in friendly territory.

Now I know some of you might be miffed because her comment was left after my self-imposed 5 p.m. deadline yesterday. But tough shit. The deadline was completely arbitrary and I picked names out of a hat. It was done fairly. Besides, if I really was corrupt I would’ve just chosen Slader because he’s my neighbor. Sorry Slader, I hope I can still borrow the proverbial cup of sugar.

Heather, please email me at with your name, address and cell phone number so I can give the Red Sox organization your contact info and you can pick the tickets up at will call.

Thanks to the Red Sox for the tickets, to all of you for participating and GO SOX!

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