Aquarium Adventure

Once upon a time there was a boy named Will whose parents decided to trek into Boston and take him to the New England Aquarium for the first time. His parents kept telling Will they were doing it for him, but Will soon found this his parents were complete geeks who constantly look for any excuse to go to the aquarium, one of their favorite spots.

Before they even got into the building, Will found out his mother LOVES penguins.

I mean, she REALLY loves them. They spent half their time at the penguin exhibit.

But Will and his family didn’t just see penguins. They sea sea turtles, sharks, pirannha, eels, seals and jellyfish to name a few. The jellyfish were especially cool and Will seemed to really like looking at them.

Not to mention excitedly tapping on the glass to get their attention.

Then the whole family went to the main tank, a HUGE glass aquarium that’s 3 stories high and has a spiral staircase running down the whole thing so you can look right in. Now imagine you’re just 13 months old like Will, and you’re watching through a small pane of glass and — BOOM — all of a sudden a shark passes right by your nose. Followed by the biggest sea turtle you’ve ever seen. Would you be excited? I think Will was.

Actually, he was so excited he was on sensory overload. So he made his REALLY excited face.

Will and his parents had a whole other experience on the train ride into the city, but his dad said that’s a post for another time. Maybe tomorrow.

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8 thoughts on “Aquarium Adventure

  1. I’ve never taken my boys. I’ve always had a strong feeling that there can only be one survivor, the aquarium or my boys. So, unfortunately, until they legalize tasers in Mass, I avoid such outings with my boys.

  2. Can’t wait to take Braden to the zoo or aquarium. My wife likes to go to the St. Louis Zoo when we are in town for a ball game. They serve beer at the St. Louis Zoo. Lions, Tigers, and beer oh my.

    I gave you an award on my blog. I can see you are not into posting awards but I gave it to you anyway.

  3. I took David to the aquarium at that age…too bad he’ll never remember lol..he did like the experience of it though!

    Now that he’s four-I’m dying to take him again!

    Glad you ALL had fun;) Pictures make for great memories!

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