Autumn is the Best!

Summer is too sweltering and the winter cold can be too biting and harsh. But the fall? Well Goldilocks, the fall is proof that Mother Nature is quite a woman.

I know bloggers aren’t supposed to post about the weather because it’s boring. But I just muddled through three months of a rainy, hot and ridiculously humid summer. I endured yet another summer season of tourists, beaches, traffic and the Fat Guy Sweats from the damn humidity. I know so many people love the summer because it means ice cream, tank tops, swimming, etc but not me. In fact that only thing that gets me through the summer is knowing that autumn is right around the corner.

And thankfully, the fall weather has arrived.

This morning I woke up and felt a slight chill, which is great because I’d sleep in a meat locker if possible. We can finally sleep with the windows open and the air conditioner off, so I was able to feel the cool morning breeze on my face. I smiled as I got up and hugged myself just a little because of the nip in the air. Fall in New England is like a roller coaster. You wake up and you need a jacket. But after a few hours you can ditch it because temperatures have climbed to high 60s/low 70s. Warm but not stifling hot. It stays that way until dinner time and then it’s back to high 50s/low 60s, which is absolute perfection for me.

But there’s so much more to fall than the weather.

First and foremost, it means football season is upon us. And as much as I love attending and watching Patriots games, that’s only part of the appeal. I’ve tried to explain this to MJ and she doesn’t get it, so maybe you have to be a guy to appreciate what I’m about to describe. But every Sunday, Will and I head to my parents’ house for football. My dad has the DirectTV NFL Sunday Ticket, which means we can watch every game. And the best feature of Sunday Ticket? The Red Zone channel. It brings us live to every game in which the offense is at the 20-yard-line or closer, which means it brings us to every game where there’s about to be scoring. We also set up another TV, right next to the big screen. This screen is reserved for when the Red Sox are playing at the same time as football, or for the football game we want to have on constantly instead of jumping all around.

With two TVs, the grill going and lots of testosterone in the air, we sit there all day. I mean all day. The 1 o’clock games, the 4 o’clock games and then the Sunday night game. Its upward of 12 hours of football and it’s pure heaven. We all hang out together, track our fantasy teams and make fun of each other. It’s truly great and it’s one of the main reasons I’m exhilarated that I had a son.

Fall also means an inevitable trip to the Berkshires and North Adams, where MJ and I went to college. For those who don’t know, the Berkshires are the western part of Massachusetts. While eastern Mass. is Boston and beaches, western Mass is far less populated and consists mostly of mountains. The best way to get there is to drive along Route 2 and the Mohawk Trail. It is one of the most beautiful rides you will ever take. Especially in the fall.

When all the leaves turn it truly becomes nature’s canvas. It’s an entire mountain range of orange, yellow, red and brown and it never fails to stop me dead in my tracks.

Every year while visiting the Berkshires we indulge in all of fall’s greatest pleasures. We go pumpkin picking and continue our quest for the perfect pumpkin. We head to a corn maze. And then there’s my favorite thing in the whole freaking world: cider. I love apple cider in all its forms. There is nothing in the world more satisfying and peaceful than overlooking a gorgeous vista of colored leaves, breathing in cool mountain air and sipping on a piping hot cup of apple cider. I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

So if you’re a summer aficionado, sorry. But your time is over. It’s time for sweaters in’stead of bathing suits. The mountains instead of the beach. Football as opposed to baseball. And it means I can finally drive around the Cape sans tourists who don’t know how to navigate a damn rotary !

Welcome to town fall, it’s been too long!

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7 thoughts on “Autumn is the Best!

  1. I just moved back home to Michigan after being away for 22 years. (I’ve been living in Alabama and Texas for 3). I am sooo looking forward to this fall. I have boasted and bragged about the colors changing in the fall along with the wonderful temps. The fall is truly beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You could not be more spot on. I also love all fall has to offer, no fantasy football for me, but tons of football watching. I also attended college in the western part of MA, Westfield to be exact and every year, my awe at the beauty of that part of the state is reinvigorated. I also enjoy a uniquely fall/western ma tradition. A pilgrimage to the Big E! Nothing says fall like the the Big E, where one minute you can look at early American housing and the next be transfixed by the super powers of the Sham Wow. This morning, while sleeping in, with windows wide open, I found myself reaching for the blanket and I couldn’t have been happier! Bring on the cider-nothing is better than fall in MA.

  3. We don’t get the colors out here on the west coast, nor do we have more than two seasons (mild and mild), but we football. Amen and pass the soup…or stew and bread and burgers and beer and dogs and chips and pretzels and lots of other eats.

  4. Patriots? Urgh. I used to be an Eagles fan, and even though I no longer support them, I can’t quite rid myself of distaste towards your beloved team.

    I will grudgingly admit though…Tom Brady is the man.

    Fall’s my favorite. I’m sure all the other seasons are jealous. Can’t wait to go apple picking, and pumpkin picking (or if you’re from slower lower Delaware, pumpkin chunkin’…it’s a DE thing), doing all sorts of wildlife photography, and screamingattheTVandcursingmyheadoffbecausePhiladelphiasucks.


    Anyways, have a happy Labor day!

  5. Fall is my favorite season too, and luckily for me, I never left the Berkshires! The leaves are already starting to change a little. I never get tired of it! I never was much of a football fan, but it has been force fed to me for the past 7 years so I even look forward to Sundays now… We have the Sunday Ticket. We are vikings fans… purple pride and all that… There is something magical to the combination of apple pie aroma, chilly air, and the sound of football on tv that just makes me smile! (Maybe the beer in my hand helps!)

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