Back from the South

So I got back yesterday afternoon and not a minute too soon.

It seems my bad timing is still with me. No sooner did I leave for my trip than I get a call from MJ. Will would not sleep and would not stop crying. He was also wheezing and seemed to be running a fever. The next day, we found out he had a double ear infection and a fever of 103 degrees.

Bloody marvelous.

There isn’t a more helpless feeling in the world than being stuck in another part of the country when your wife and kid need you. Poor MJ nearly lost her mind. Her parents are in Vegas and mine work full time so she had no one to help her. And since daycare doesn’t accept sick kids, she had to take time off work when her branch was already short-handed. And all I could do was keep fielding teary phone calls in South Carolina while listening to Will scream like a maniac in the background.

When I finally did get home yesterday I drove Mach 7 down I-495 and literally ran up the hill to get in the door to see them both. Even though Will is still congested and coughing a lot, he gave me a big smile when he realized I was home. I didn’t realize how much I’d miss him, but it was torture being away. I couldn’t sleep by myself, it was too quiet. And I ended up waking up at the crack of down every day just out of habit.

I’ll post more about the trip when I have some time but let’s just say it’s good to be home and it’s horrible to feel so useless when the people you love need you.

More to come…

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4 thoughts on “Back from the South

  1. One time David fell on his own two feet and cracked his head on the entertainment center and it split the skin and he was bleeding. My husband was out of town (in Maine for business) and all week long he had been vomiting and have the runs. I kept calling because I was delirious from lack of sleep. When he wacked his head I thought he was going to die I was so sleep deprived and hormonal…he was driving home from Maine in a slow truck that drives about 55 down hill…I was screaming “HE CRACKED HIS HEAD OPEN…”

    I called 911…LOl…so silly….when they got here they said he seemed okay and questioned me…I was tearing up and apologizing for wasting their time.

    Wait until Will has the ability to trip on his own two feet…

    Double ear infections are no fun, we’ve done that too. Usuallly what tips me off is when they don’t want to lie down and will fall asleep in the high chair because the pressure is off:( We let him sleep in his carseat for a few days, it helped a lot.

  2. Sure the pediatrician told you all this, but get a plug in menthol vaporizer. Vick’s makes one. Put it in the room that he sleeps in, it will really help with the congestion. You can also use a saline nasal spray. He will HATE it, but it works instantly to drain the nose and sinuses. Lastly, use a humidifior (spelling?) and as long as it doesn’t affect how much milk (formula or breast) he wants to take, give him some water through out the day. Water is a natural expectorant and can help thin mucous in both the nose and chest so that it clears more easily. If Will sleeps better, you and MJ sleep better, and that makes a much happier family! Hang in there!

  3. Somehow the dad is never around when most needed … been there.

    One of the kids was on “the pink stuff” for most of his early years … ear infections are a curse.

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