Bath Video & 30 by 30

  1. First of all, here’s a video that proves my post from yesterday. Now some of you may think it’s cruel to watch a child cry while videotaping it in a nefarious plot to exploit his comic misery for added readership. I say fiddlesticks! I would never stoop to that level. And I definitely wouldn’t sneak a quick ass shot of my wife while she was bent over the tub at the 1:39 mark. C’mon, what kind of guy do you think I am?

I know this is an abbreviated 30 by 30 update but honestly there’s not much progress. And I had to take a picture of myself because MJ has tired of me bitching about how little progress I’m making as I’m scarfing down another helping of strawberry shortcake. So, here you go. Not only do you get a picture of yours truly, but I was so gracious as to point you in the direction of the gun show!

My weight is still hovering at 228.

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9 thoughts on “Bath Video & 30 by 30

  1. Some 30 by 30 ideas…

    I am 5’2″ about 112 pounds I do almost NO formal excrsise but…I park far away from work so I walk that distance twice a day (sometimes more) I work in a two story building and I take the stairs…In the afternoon if I am feeling a bit hungry I dink 8 oz of COLD water then go back to my desk for 20 min, the hunger tends to pass. You are eating apples, oranges and granola bars? There is a TON of sugar in those fruits! Check the calorie count on those granola bars you will be surprised. Negative calorie foods and a bit of protien will derve you better. Celery with a bit of peanut butter or a small piece of cheese Keep plugging you’ll get there.

  2. She knows, I told her. But I don’t see why should be upset. I only film the asses of those I find to be incredibly sexy. She should be upset if I DIDN’T film her ass.

    And JEE, what the hell is smh???

  3. Shaking My Head, lol. And I wasn’t referring to the ass shot. I was talking about your background commentary about trying to save him, and your sympathetic noises that make it sound like it’s all that evil moms fault and if it was up to you he’d never have to endure that torture.

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