BEAT L.A.!!!

I not only hate the Los Angeles Lakers, I hate everything they represent.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know my beloved Boston Celtics are meeting the wretched L.A. Lakers in the 2010 NBA Finals starting tomorrow. But what you probably don’t know is my friends JR, whose site can be found here, and Jack here, are rotten Lakers fans. And the two of us have come up with a wager for this series: the loser has to paint their body in the colors of the opposing team and perform a cheer on video, which will be broadcast throughout the blogosphere and ridiculed for all of eternity.

But friendly wagers aside, this series is really phenomenal. Why, you ask? Allow me to explain.

Boston versus Los Angeles. East coast versus West coast. Blue collar gumption vs. Hollywood glitz. Or as I like to refer to it: Flash (LA) versus Substance (Boston). These two teams currently account for 32 of the league’s 63 championships (Celtics have 17, Lakers 15). But in head to head matchups, the Celtics OWN the Lakers with a 9-2 record over the years.

But there’s no doubt the Lakers have the best player in the world in Kobe Bryant, but the thing is Kobe knows he’s the best player and has historically acted accordingly. He’s selfish, boorish and generally unliked outside of greater Los Angeles. He also raped a girl in 2003 and then got away with it, but that’s a whole other story. Meanwhile, the Celtics put the emphasis on team play. Every player is just as important as the other, and their unselfish play is what makes them great. Just ask the Lakers, who as recently as 2008 got their asses handed to them by the Celtics in the Finals despite being heavy favorites. And it only took six games.

But make no mistake, this rivalry extends WAY outside the confines of the Staple Center and the Garden.

Boston fans see the Lakers and their fans as soft. Pansies. Which, of course, they are. Just look at the star treatment Kobe gets from the refs, not to mention Gasol’s soft European style of play. You breathe on the guy and he reacts like someone hit him with a sledgehammer. The one guy who’s not soft, Ron Artest, just happens to be crazy. As in certifiably friggin insane. He’s the guy who jumped into the stands and started fighting fans when he played on Indiana. So what that means is he’s soft mentally and will surely be goaded by Boston’s cagey veterans.

Boston fans will chant “NO MEANS NO!” at Kobe and the familiar refrains of “BEAT L.A.!” will shake the Garden rafters like it’s 1984 all over again. Because the 80’s were when this thing really kicked off. Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Robert Parish, Danny Ainge, Cedric Maxwell, Dennis Johnson and company had some historic battles with Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabaar, James Worthy and of course the hated Kurt Rambis.

Speaking of Rambis, check out this clip to see exactly how heated this thing got back in the day:

The most telling thing about that video is that Kevin McHale blatantly tries to rip Rambis’ head off. And how do Rambis’ teammates respond? James Worthy PUSHES RAMBIS when Rambis jumps up and tries to defend himself. Worthy pushes his own guy to the ground after he was just decked. It’s gutless, it’s soft…it’s classic Lakers basketball.

The Lakers can have all their stupid celebrity fans at the game. They can be content with lame poseurs who show up in the second quarter and then leave early to beat the traffic. Over there it’s not a game as much as a scene, and a place to be seen. I’ll take drunken Boston fans out for blood. Harassing Lamar Odom and his brainless “celebrity” wife. Calling Kobe out for the criminal that he is. I hope they attack the Lakers bus after they go home losers, just like they did in 2008.

Because I don’t just want the Lakers and their fans to lose, I want them crushed. Destroyed. I want them to go back to La-La Land not knowing what just hit them. And I want their obnoxious fans to shut the fuck up already, while choking on their already inflated sense of entitlement.

This is not just basketball, it’s war. And the Celtics are taking this thing, which means JR and several of my other Laker fans friends, will be clad in green and white while singing the praises of my team on video. And I will remind them each and every day for the next year that they root for an inferior team. I will rub their faces in it as much as possible. I will never relent, kind of like Kobe in a Colorado hotel room.

Celtics in six.

BEAT LA!!!!!!!

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59 thoughts on “BEAT L.A.!!!

  1. I go back a long way with the Celtics. I remember 1969, when Bill Russell was the player/coach and the Celtics limped to the final playoff spot, barely making it. But they moved on to the NBA Finals and faced the heavily-favored Los Angeles Lakers.

    This was the Lakers of Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, the Lakers that were supposed to be the next dynasty. Thier owner, Jack Kent Cooke, was so positive they were going to beat tyhe aging and injured Celtics that he ordered thousands of blue and gold balloons be placed in nets up in the rafters to be released when the Lakers won Game 7 in LA. Russell found out about those balloons – and they never saw the floor of the Laker’s homecourt. Boston won that game, their 11th championship in the 13 seasons Russell played. It was one of the greatest sports moments ever.

    What does that have to do with this series? Nothing. But I know stuff like that remains in the minds of longtime Laker fans. They know we have their number. They know they suck. They know they are tofu-eating weaklings while Celtic fans toss down prime rib three at a time. They get to the games in time for the second quarter, and leave after the third to get to their jazz clubs. For them, this is a game.

    For we lifetime Celtic fans, it is a way of life. It is what we do. It is who we are. We’ve had our down times, to be sure. And the last few decades have been kind to the Fakers. But not now – not today. We kicked their asses in 2008, and we will do it again. It won’t be easy – Kobe is a great player. But we will win because we have the better team. Because Phil Jackson is ugly and played for the Knicks. Because Red Auerbach is going to mysteriously make things move in the Laker locker room. Because as Jack Nicholson said so eloquently “You can’t handle the Truth!”

    This is better than Sox/Yankees. This is a culture war. This is good vs evil. This is what it is all about.

  2. I am a native Angeleno, born and bred in Los Angeles. Been a part of the Laker phenomenon for my entire life. Though I was born during the 60’s I can’t say that I remember the rivalry from then. But I remember the Magic/Bird days vividly. Throughout the 80’s LA or boston was in the championship every year.

    In ’84 the gutless celtics beat the Lakers by being thugs. The video you show here does a nice job of illustrating that. They didn’t win through talent, but by cheap shots. Worthy wasn’t trying to push Rambis down, he was trying to prevent a fight. But if you want to pretend that cheap shots are something to be proud of, ok.

    I remember ’85 and ’87. We stomped the celtics both times, destroyed you guys. And then we watched as you took your rightful place as the doormat. Sometimes I hear your fans claim that Len Bias and Reggie Lewis “helped” destroy you guys. Not surprising because you live on excuses.

    Two years ago you won the championship for several reasons. Old celtics acting as GMs worked in collusion to send Garnett from Minnesota to boston. And then you bullied my boys. Bullied because once again you couldn’t win on talent. Oh, and did I mention that pierce put on an acting performance worthy of an Oscar. ‘My knee, my knee…’ Pathetic. And still, the series could have easily gone the other way. If the Lakers would have pushed back a little. So I’ll give you credit for bullying your way. If it makes you feel good to call it substance, so be it.

    But it is not going to be like that this year. You guys slid into the playoffs. Doc had to let the old rickety guys rest because they can’t play a full season and stay healthy. This time around boston is going to have their asses handed to them. You can accuse Kobe of rape. It makes you feel better because you know that he is going to destroy you. Will pick you apart same way Jordan did. I saw that game, watched him make bird and company look stupid.

    Before I go let’s review something here. boston has 17 championships and LA has 15. Since 1980 the number of championship wins is as follows:


    Now I did that off of memory, so I could be wrong. But it is definitely close and proof that the over rated celtics live off of things that they did more than 40 years ago. I understand sentimentality, it is part of why I blog. But at the end of the day when we measure success we acknowledge the past but focus on the present. And those losers you support, the flash in the pan celtics needed a quarter of a century to win something. Soft, weak celtics who couldn’t even get back to the finals last year.

    So now the champion Lakers will appear in their third consecutive finals and stomp you as they would have last year had you been capable of attending. Get ready to lose again. No excuses.

  3. I don’t think Jack is a true Laker fan. There were no obvious spelling errors.

    Jack, keep coming up with excuses. You’ll need them. In the end, it is all about winning.

    The Lakers are the second-best franchise in the history of the NBA. But they are soft. They have no real heart or fight. They are flash, sizzle, and style. The Celtics are hard work, great defense, and they just want it more.

    Jordan picked us apart? Yeah – and got swept in three straight games. That’s a typical LA fan mentality. “Jordan torched you for 63 points!” Yes – but he didn’t even win a game in the series. Don’t you get it? That’s Celtic basketball. They let the individuals do their thing, and the real team does there thing.

    Kevin McHale knocked Rambis down – and McHale was the “softest” guy on that Celtic team! But he knew what it takes to win. He wanted it more than the Fakers. And he got it.

    In 1985 and 1987 the Lakers beat the Celtics in the finals. No excuses – they just beat them. Magic was amazing. It was great basketball. But you know in your heart the 1984 series was basketball at its best. And don’t forget, the Celtics won it all in 1986 – you know, when the L:akers failed to make the finals?

    I feel bad for you, jack. You were raised in a basketball lala land. It’s not your fault, really. We forgive you. We pity you. We understand.

    Ah, I had forgotten how much fun it is playing – and beating – the Lakers and their fans. This is gonna be a helluva two weeks!

  4. Jack. First of all, you’re wrong. In Championships it’s not Boston 17 LA 15. The Lakers may have 15, but 5 of those were in Minneapolis, so LA has 10.

    I think it’s hilarious that you’re complaining about former Celtic players as GMs unfairly trading players to Boston. Has any trade been universally criticized for being 1 sided as the Gasol trade? Not to menion that the trade came from the GM that was the hand picked successor of Jerry West, who was still closely tied with the Grizzles. I think that argument is a wash at best for you.

    Kobe’s going to do what Jordan did to the Celtics? Okay, so he’s going to score 63 points in a loss? Sounds good to me.

    Pierce does act, I’ll give you that. But, hey, what can you expect… He’s from LA.

  5. Worthy was trying to prevent a fight? Haha! He was already in a fight, but was too soft to fight back. And then in 86 the Lakers completely crapped the bed & couldn’t even make it to the Finals.

    And please don’t talk about collusion when you guys have that Gasol trade on your record. At least the Celtics gave up an all star in Al Jefferson. But in typical Lakers fan fashion, your facts are all muddled to represent your tainted point of view.

    Bottom line is Celtics are tougher & they are the better TEAM.

  6. Boys, I understand that years of exposure to the cold has made your brains soft and your minds muddy. I’ll be glad to compare championships within the modern era. In fact I already did it. The Lakers are well ahead of the celtics, more than double. So I suppose that must mean that you are right, we are soft and flashy. You are right, the celtics want it more, so much more that they haven’t been able to keep up with us.

    And I admit that I miss talking with you and your fellow miscreants. Spur and Bull fans bored me. Detroit fans wouldn’t speak to me because they were too busy rioting. But boston fans, the ugly, sweaty, funny talking monsters who roamed through the Big Dig- they’re something else. Relics from an ice age I suspect who just haven’t acknowledged that they are dealing with the modern realities of being the second best team.

    My friends, I have fond memories of watching things like this ( I had a good time watching the HBO special about Magic and Bird. It took the coming of the Real Dream Team for me to cheer for Bird. Good times…But those days are gone now and I have no reason to worry because we are going to stomp all over the rickety back of Wallace and fake knee injury Pierce.

    Can’t wait to see Fisher put Rondo on his ass.

  7. Ah, Jack…

    The only way Fisher puts Rondo on his ass is if he takes a job as an usher at the Staples Center. And then, Rondo will tip him.

    But you are right about one thing. It is more fun when Boston and LA play each other. The feeling between the fans is not quite Boston/New York (frankly, NYers would chew you up and spit you out) but it does have a feeling of the historic. And it is entertaining to see you cute little guys dress up in your sparkles and pretty clothes and take the trip out to the basketball game. I trust they have a big screen there that tells you all when to cheer?

    We had rats in the old Boston Garden tougher than Gasol. Our fans (the real ones) are working-class folks that understand basketball, understand winning, and appreciate tradition. LA fans? Hell, they couldn’t even keep a football team! I think the sport was too violent for your delicate sensibilities.

    So break out some brie, some white wine, and your cute little outfits. Gather around your TV around the start of the second quarter, after those reruns of the Glimore Girls are over, and settle in for some basketball. I think you’ll like it – sort of.

    I knew prolonged exposure to the sun could cause cancer – I just didn’t know it also made people delusional. Celts in 6 Jack – you heard it here first.

  8. (frankly, NYers would chew you up and spit you out)

    You haven’t spent much time in LA have you. What does NY have that we don’t do better out here. Ok, they have more traffic and basketball team that had some success once…

    We had rats in the old Boston Garden tougher than Gasol. Well it does take a certain kind of stupid to live in ice for half the year. 😉

    Hell, they couldn’t even keep a football team! I think the sport was too violent for your delicate sensibilities. Now you really make me laugh. Raider games were an experience. You didn’t wear anything but Raider colors in there or you risked serious injury.

    But we lost our teams cuz some suckers in other cities agreed to help billionaires pay for their toys. I can live with that.

    Our fans (the real ones) are working-class folks that understand basketball, understand winning, and appreciate tradition. So they understand that some of the heroes like Bill Russell and Paul Pierce are west coast residents that had to be imported so that you could win.

    But let’s talk about tradition. If you are a celtics fan who isn’t at least 35 most of your life as a fan has been watching old film clips and listening to stories about when the team was good. That is ok. I missed watching Koufax play, but I still appreciate what he did for my Dodgers.

    I knew prolonged exposure to the sun could cause cancer – I just didn’t know it also made people delusional. Celts in 6 Jack – you heard it here first.

    If it goes six games you’ll be lucky. Five is more realistic. Lakers will put you down Thursday night with little effort. But I’ll be sure to toast you with my drink. Probably won’t be zinfandel- Scotch or beer is more likely,but that is ok.

  9. Wow! I’m a Lakers fan from the late 70s. I always had a hate (out of respect) for the Celtics. But I would like to thank you for opening my eyes. All of these years loving the rivalry that has been pretty quiet until the last few years… It was all just a dream. But now I get it. You are awesome! I can truly go ahead and hate everything sports related in Boston. I love it! It’s so liberating. I can’t wait for the series to start. I now have a place to dump all of my HATE posts.

  10. Jack, just a note on Raiders fans…they are the biggest fucking dipshits on the planet. We went there as a family in 2002, after the Snow Bowl. We all wore Patriots colors. They didn’t do dick. And what I thought was going to be an old school, knowledgeable football crowd turned out to be a bunch of drunken morons the likes of which I can’t even begin to describe. Looking like a Mad Max extra does not mean you’re an intelligent football fan, but in LA it suffices.

    Que: No problem. That’s what it’s all about. There should be no respect for the other team, only gratitude for a rivalry that brings out this kind of passion. I will not be merciful to Laker fans and I don’t expect any mercy in return. One side has to eat crow, and I’m looking forward to force feeding it to you west coast folks! Let the games begin.

  11. holy shit, this was great. through the years, i’ve cheered for each team. last time they squared off, i was all over the celtics b/c i’m a HUGE KG and ray allen guy. plus, paul pierce is a badass. sorry. but he is. not to mention SEC alum ronde (sp?). that dude is SICKO. so i love the celtics.

    but i also love excellence. and kobe is excellent. QUESTIONABLE rape allegations aside.

    honestly? i’m not sure who i’m for yet, because i really do like both teams. alot.

    can’t wait to see you guys duke it out. just reading the comments got me FIRED UP for tomorrow. it’s going seven boys. it’s going seven.

  12. Jack, just a note on Raiders fans…they are the biggest fucking dipshits on the planet. We went there as a family in 2002, after the Snow Bowl. We all wore Patriots colors. They didn’t do dick. And what I thought was going to be an old school, knowledgeable football crowd turned out to be a bunch of drunken morons the likes of which I can’t even begin to describe. Looking like a Mad Max extra does not mean you’re an intelligent football fan, but in LA it suffices.

    Allow me to continue your education, this time it is geography. You went to Oakland which is around 400 miles or so north of Los Angeles. There is a big difference between Northern California and Southern California. So you spent time the year after you stole the game via the tuck rule and hung out with the morons of the north. Trying to equate Nocal with Socal doesn’t work. It is not so different from saying that Boston and New York are the same. Same stupid accent, same bastardization of baseball with that stupid DH rule.

    I will not be merciful to Laker fans

    How magnanimous of you. Tomorrow night you guys are going to get a boot in the ass.

  13. No offense boys, but I think all basketball players are pussies(other than steve nash). You guys need to watch more Hockey. 😉

  14. Well who can keep track of the Raiders anyway? LA, Oakland…pick a city! But California is California, we don’t draw distinctions between wusses.

    TitforTat: Hockey?? Blech. Do I even get the Versus channel? Who knows. Because the NHL is an afterthought.

  15. You know Jack, I like you. For a Laker fan, you are ok. Wrong – but ok.

    For the record, it was YOU who brought up the Raiders – not any of us. Then you say you can’t compare them. Make up your mind!

    Fortunately for all of us, tonight the time for talking ends (well, at least slows down). I am so looking forward to this game tonight, I think it will be huge. I will tell you Kobe looks focused and scares the crap out of me. When he is on, there is no one better. But I think the Celtics are going to let Kobe try and win the series by himself, and I don’t think he can do that. It is somewhat the same strategy they employed with Dwight Howard (and no, I am not comparing Kobe to Howard) and I think it will work again.

    Still bringing up the tuck rule, huh? My, jealousy is an awful thing!

  16. Titfortat: Ha! Yeah, because hockey is so much more cerebral than any other sport. Forget blocking schemes in the NFL, the artistry of hit and run in baseball or the Celtics team defense that’s about to crush Kobe and the Lakers. Show me more skating aimlessly up and down the ice while someone with a crooked stick smacks around a mini-frisbee. And that’s when/if they stop their slapfights long enough to play.

  17. DF

    I agree with the slapfights, though they are a little rougher than the “girlie” fights you see in Basketball. And be nice, afterall it was a Canadian who invented that crazy game you love to watch. Oh by the way, Kobe is gonna put some whoop-ass on the Celtics.

  18. On an odd note to my last statement, I love watching hockey in person. On TV, it sucks! It’s all about the atmosphere in hockey. It’s all about the playoffs in basketball. And football (not Soccer) it’s all about EVERYTHING!

  19. You guys need to watch more Hockey.

    Or we can go take a leak in a public bathroom because that is really the only place you see a puck. A simple urine filled cake. How exciting.

    For the record, it was YOU who brought up the Raiders – not any of us. Then you say you can’t compare them. Make up your mind!

    Allow me to clarify- you old guys have trouble, especially old celtic fans. 😉 The distinction is that I was talking about the LA Raiders. Aaron wrote about the Oakland Raiders. Crowds are different.

    But I think the Celtics are going to let Kobe try and win the series by himself,

    Well then we’ll have to see if he continues to dump the ball off as he has been doing. That makes a huge difference. There is a lot of firepower out there- Artest went nuts the last game, better hope that he doesn’t score like that again. It doesn’t take much for the boys.

    I am very concerned about Bynum. If he can play at about 80% he’ll give Perkins a lot of trouble, if not then we have problems. I am also curious to see how Gasol does. Because if he and Kobe get going it really opens things up. A few more hours and we shall see what happens.

    Ya know, the hardest part about all of this trash talking is that none of us have any real control over any of this crap. Can’t call the coach and offer pointers/criticism. Can’t talk to the players and share what we see. Just have to sit back and believe that G-d will smite the evil leprechaun loving green men.

  20. Hey, Jack. I think Rondo was even quoted as saying, “They’re always after me Lucky Charms!”

  21. I’ll say it for you DF…

    “Just wait until next game!”


    “Did you see all of the bad calls against Boston?”


    “I still think the Celtics are gonna win in 6.”

    I sorry. I’m just not feeling it right now. I will have to come up with some good ones. Or I can just wait to hear what you came up with when I wake up tomorrow. After reading your post I’m sure you will come up with something. 🙂

  22. It is a long series.The celtics have plenty of time to decide that they want to play. Of course they tried tonight and got shut down by the Laker defense. It wasn’t just an off game, there was a reason for it. If the Lakers maintain that intensity the series will be painful.

  23. At least the Hockey game was exciting. Talk about a shit kicking and go figure that it was a white guy laying a beating on those poor little leprechauns. 😉

  24. Sorry Jack, but the Lakers didn’t play all that great. They just didn’t. And the Celtics were atrocious. There was no hustle, no rebounding and no effort. They were content to play 20 feet from the basket. Pierce couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat, Ray Allen never got into the flow of the game because of foul trouble and when Tony Allen came in for Ray he was HORRIBLE.

    The only good thing I can take away from that game is that the Celtics can’t possibly play any worse.

    I know Lakers fans will claim victory and that’s fine, but don’t put too much stock in that game. It was an aberration, not the norm.

  25. And I will remind them each and every day for the next year that they root for an inferior team. I will rub their faces in it as much as possible. I will never relent

    Must feel good to be in the position of having to make excuses. I mean, how many times do you see KG miss a shot beneath the basket. But let’s see what DAN SHAUGHNESSY had to say about it:

    The Celtics were outplayed in every aspect. Pick your poison. They were outrebounded, 42-31. LA scored 16 second-chance points, Boston 0. The Lakers shot 49 percent and outscored the Celtics, 48-30, in the paint. Kobe Bryant scored 30 without breaking a sweat.

    Oh wait, he forgot to consult with you, didn’t you say that the Lakers didn’t play great. The could have scored 120 if they had wanted. Didn’t you say that Gasol is soft. Let’s compare his numbers to KG:
    PG 23 points, 14 rebounds 3 assists, and 3 blocks
    KG 16 points, 4 rebounds

    But I really liked what Bob Ryan had to say about KG

    whose lackluster play included missing an uncontested layup, plus the follow-up, as well as not being able to dunk an offensive rebound with no one between him and Santa Monica.

    I told you that he is old and rickety. Hey, I’d like to see him actually show because we’ll still win and you won’t have any excuses.

    Ray Allen never got into the flow of the game because of foul trouble

    I can say the same thing about Lamar Odom. So what happens if Ray and Lamar get going- you still lose…badly.

    But let’s see what happens. Time will prove that the reason the celtics played badly is because the Laker defense shut them down. They are a better team and the box score shows it.

  26. They were a better team LAST NIGHT. But quoting Dan Shaughnessy isn’t going to win you any points in Boston. He’s despised here.

    I don’t know what happened to KG, but I do know it wasn’t Gasol’s defense that made him miss an uncontested layup & open jumpers. He may not be the player from 2 years ago, but he’s not the horror show he was last night. He just had a bad day but he’ll bounce back, and so will the Celtics.

  27. On a side note to all of this trash talking…. What the hell is the deal with the NBA and the playoff games being 3 and 4 days apart??! They play Game 1 on a Thursday and Game 2 on a Sunday! Why? It’s not like the playoffs don’t already last forever and a day (especially in the era of a 7-game series). Then you have these silly days in between games. It’s also not like it a true “contact” sport (unless you as Big Baby or Sheed). Why would they need 3 days to recoup? It’s also not like football in the sense that you don’t have to completely re-plan your strategies. It’s the same team for a min of 4 game. I think they should just go to a NCAA style and make it a 1 and done. I know it’s a little tougher with the “parity” of the NBA but at most it should be a 3 game series not 7. That will never happen because of the money. But anyway…

  28. The lakers played well. The Celtiocs played poorly. The Laker defense was good. The Celtic defense was fair. They deserved the win, they earned it, they got it.

    The Celtics lost Game 1 of the Cleveland series on the road – and then won the next three games. Am I worried? Yep. But I think the Celtics will come out roaring tonight, and I think KG will rebound against the Llama.

  29. DF,

    I am not as old as “The Old Guy” but I have got a decade on you so my memory of the 80s is pretty solid. I was speaking with a few friends about Mchale’s cheap shot on Rambis. We got a good laugh off of your take and even more joy about how shocked celtic fans were here on Thursday.

    The Celtics lost Game 1 of the Cleveland series on the road Yep, played a weak team that has one solid player and a bunch of misfits. We aren’t them. I want to see KG come at full strength because it is not enough. I want to see Ray Allen on the floor because it is not enough.

    And that bad actor Pierce can struggle all he wants but it just won’t make a difference. Gasol had more offensive rebounds than your entire team. He had a monster game and so did Kobe.

    Odom didn’t even show up. Pray that he doesn’t appear alongside Gasol and Kobe. Pray that Bynum’s knee prevents him from being a factor because without God’s help you are done. 😉

    P.S. I am riding the hell out of two cleveland fans who swore that neither the Lakers nor the celtics would be enough to beat LeBron.

  30. Hey Jack – how does Ray Allen look on the floor now?

    KG had his second awful game in a row. Paul Pierce played more like Paul McCartney. And the Lakers had 17,456,298 free throws to the Celtics 20. AND WE STILL BEAT THEM!

    The Garden will be rockin’ Tuesday night! The homecourt advantage belongs to Boston!

    Laker fans – bite me! I’m gonna be there Tuesday, and I can’t wait!

    The Old Guys – my Celtics – on the way to beating LA for the 10th time in the finals!

    I hope you had a great night Jack! 🙂

  31. Jack said “I want to see Ray Allen on the floor because it is not enough.” HAHAHAHAHAHA! I think it was more than enough tonight. Ask your “older & wiser” Laker friends how it is you can be so wrong about that!

    Pierce played like shit. Garnett was awful again. Lakers got the majority of the calls. And the Celts STILL kicked ass. Even with Bynum & Gasol scoring 46 combined points. Celts in six.

  32. Hey… Some LIFE back in the opposition. I love it! I was starting to worry after game 1 of a (stupid) best of 7 series. But it’s good to see you guys back in the game. Now if Rondo can keep getting triple doubles and Ray Allen can keep breaking the 3 point record EVERY game, you guys will win in 5. But we all know that’s not gonna happen. I expect Boston to come out and win the next game as well (first home game – crowd, hype, calls, etc). But the Lakeshow will win the next two (leaving Boston with a 3 – 2 lead in the series). My only problem is that I don’t know if the Lakers will win in 6 or 7. I will get back to you on that one.

  33. Umm, Que…

    If Boston wins the next game, and then the Lakers win the next two, how does that leave Boston with a 3-2 lead in the series? Is that the new LA math? Is this how Kobe got 5 fouls – he couldn’t count past the first three? Duh!

    The Celtics won with KG and Paul Pierce playing like crap. That will not happen again. Ray Allen won’t hit 8 three’s, but he will be hot. And Rondo will keep making Fisher look 45 instead of 35.

    I have to hand it to the Llama (Gasol). He has been tremendous in the series so far, maybe the best player. But he’s going to be on the losing team.

    They are coming to OUR house now! And we will be ready! I said it once, I say it again – Celtics in 6!

  34. Umm, theoldguy… Duh! I said the Lakers would win the 2 games and leave Boston up 3 – 2. Maybe reading is NOT fundamental for Boston fans (I guess because fundamental has the word mental in it. Too hard to comprehend.) I guess when the show goes back to lA and the Lakers finally win a series on their home court Boston fans will still be saying Boston in 6.. in 2011.

    KG is soft (his whole career). He could have been a Mega-star but he is too squishy. Paul Pierce has a career in acting when this NBA gig is up. I really hope those two do start playing better so it will get the ball out of the hands of the real stars in Boston. I hope the Celtics feel the same way as you do about Ray Allen staying hot. That will be the best thing for the Lakers. Allen is good but I guess the Boston fans forgot about how good he was in Game 1. I do agree with you about Rondo. He’s the real deal. He’s gonna make anyone look like they are 45. But I doubt he will be around for the next 22 year Boston drought. Maybe his kids will play.

  35. I am back. I don’t hide. The celts managed to pull it out and I give them credit, but you have to stop with the whining about the calls because it went both ways. KG clearly knocked the ball out near the end. If we get that, who knows. If Kobe doesn’t get called for mystery fouls, who knows.

    It was bad all around, they need to let them play.

    Artest melted down and Odom still hasn’t shown up. I am not worried because you guys pulled it out based upon an amazing first half by Ray Allen. Lakers played terrible d on him. But you won’t win three in a row.

    Kobe has been a monster in the playoffs- no one has better numbers. He won’t be denied.

    So, I give you credit…but not much. 😉

  36. Ah, now I see how you meant it to read. I apologize for questioning your math – I should have questioned your writing and communication skills! 🙂

    I will tell you Que, this is a hell of a series. The two teams are really going at each other, and thus far it is everything we could have hoped for as far as intensity and excitement. And while I expected Kobe to be sensational, I did not expect the Llama to be as good as he has been.

    Watch Paul Pierce tomorrow night. That will be a breakout game for him. Your Fakers are in serious trouble. They have no answer for Rondo.

    In the meantime, you and Jack can get together and share some suishi while watching your flashy but soft team crumble once again in the face of a real defense.

  37. That is correct, Mr. theoldguy. You should have been like my wife and questioned the communication skills. My math is on FIRE!!!

    You are right though. So far, so good. I like this series. I had told my wife before the game started that the Celts were gonna win. They split during the regular season so I figured they would split the playoffs. So I’m still saying, win or lose, there will be a game 7.

    Anyway, Jack… the first round is on me. And WHEN the Lakers win the celebratory wine and champaign will be on me as well! I might even buy some for the Boston fans so they don’t go home empty-handed.

    But the best news about all of this is that we don’t have to wait a week until Game 2. Should be a good one.

  38. Boston is up 93-90 the ball gets knocked out of bounds. LA is said to have hit it out. After watching the replay video it clearly shows Garnett hitting the ball out yet the refs say its inconclusive and let Boston retain possession. Tell me some things arent fixed. 🙁

  39. @ Titfortat – I didn’t want to say anything about that because the Boston fans’ backlash. All I will say is that I was truly amazed by that and several other calls made last night.

  40. The out of bounds call was bad, but no worse than Big Baby’s clean block on Kobe (I think, but maybe someone else) being called a foul. And Baby had at least 4 drives where he was HAMMERED going to the hole with no fouls. The Lakers were getting those as evidenced by the free throw disparity.

    The bottom line is if Rondo plays like he did last night, Celtics win. Period. The Lakers have no answer for Rondo whatsoever. And yes, the Celtics have no answer for Gasol but last night proved they can win comfortably even when Gasol & Bynum play out of their minds.

    Meanwhile I think we can all agree Odom & KG can officially be put on milk cartons at this point.

  41. Its the timing of that so called gaff. There was slightly over a minute left in the game, do you think that makes a BIG difference?? You betcha.

  42. Not as big of a difference as Rondo’s steal on Kobe to ice it or Artest’s boneheaded decision to dribble around for 20 seconds before taking a 3-pointer. The refs had nothing to do with the Lakers folding at the end of the game. It had everything to do with the Celtics being a veteran team who know how to close out games and force other teams into making mistakes.

    Give credit where credit is due.

  43. Looks like Fisher just got a little younger.

    Also, me and Paul Pierce were both wrong. I said the Celtics were gonna win this game and Pierce said they weren’t going back to LA (Though Pierce may not be wrong).

  44. The refs had nothing to do with the Lakers folding at the end of the game. It had everything to do with the Celtics being a veteran team who know how to close out games and force other teams into making mistakes.
    Give credit where credit is due.

    Funny, last night you said that the refs had nothing to do with it. It was nothing but the Lakers folding and now that the celtics have lost again it is the refs. Sorry Charlie, the inferior team lost again. They Lakers kicked their ass 95% of the game. Ray Allen disappeared again. So now he has one good game. Paul Pierce is a virtual no show, but KG came back.

    Better hope that Big Baby and Rondo don’t imitate the old guys or we’ll throttle you completely the next two games. We rule, you suck. Hee hee.

  45. Jack: The refs were terrible, but the Celtics did not play well in the final two minutes. And not getting back on defense for that Fisher layup was inexcusable at the end of the game.

    But think about this:

    Ray Allen did not have a field goal in the game. Now, if before the game someone told you that Ray Allen would be 0-13 with only 2 free throws and that Paul Pierce would once again play like complete dog shit, what would your guess be for the score? Lakers by 20, maybe 30? I know I’d say that.

    Yet the Celtics were in it until the very end. Partly because KG tore Gasol apart and also because Big Baby played a really great game off the bench. But also because these Lakers don’t have a killer instinct. They allow the Celtics to hang around. When they were up 17 they could’ve put their foot on the gas but they didn’t. The Lakers can be scored upon, and pretty easily. The question is whether more than one of the Big 3 on the Celtics can play well in the same game. So far that hasn’t happened and the Celts haven’t played their best ball yet. That’s scary for the Lakers.

    I still say the Celtics take this thing.

  46. I’ll agree with you that the Lakers don’t have as well refined a killer instinct as the celtics. If they did the series would be 3-0 in favor of LA. They are the better team, it really isn’t that close talent wise. But Fisher and Kobe are assassins. They have four rings and two losses and a boatload of playoff experience.

    Bynum has been a monster and he is hurt. Odom finally showed up and Artest has been a mixed bag. Gasol is solid and has been throughout the series. Our bench did a solid job yesterday and kept you guys from coming close. The Lakers big problem is that they play down to the level of the team they are up against.

    If the celtics had more talent I’d feel better because the Lakers would play with a greater sense of urgency. Kobe hasn’t had his monster game yet, but it is coming. His playoff numbers this year are better than anyone else.

    Have to say that I am most impressed with Big Baby. I give him lots of credit for energy and solid play. Won’t be enough. Rondo is solid, but so are Deron Williams and Chris Paul. Steve Nash isn’t half bad either, we know what it is like to play against good PGs.

    Pierce made a mistake saying that the series isn’t coming back to LA. They haven’t forgotten the beating they took in ’08 and they will return the favor and then some. Remember, this is the third consecutive year that we have made it back to the championship. Experience and talent count for something.

  47. There are some pretty big holes in that argument. But I’m going to use the same argument against you. When did Kobe, Gasol, Odom, Bynum, Fisher or Artest play their best game. I would still take any 3 of them having their best game against any 3 of the Celtics (you choose).

    Rondo is a beast when he’s on. Ray Allen is a 30% 3-pt shooter. He had 1 great (record book) game. Pierce… whatever. KG had his 1 game for the series. Big baby? Are you serious? He’s been playing above his means. Sheed, Perkins? Hmmm… I’m getting tired just naming these players that would come off the bench in L.A. This is going to be a good series. But its probably time to back off of the “Celtics in 6” chant. This one’s coming back to L.A. (maybe).

  48. If you think Big Baby is overachieving you haven’t been paying attention the last couple of years. He’s money in the playoffs. Has been from the start. This is par for the course for him.

    Kobe, Gasol and Artest had 30/23/15 points in Game 1. In Game 2 Kobe, Bynum and Gasol went for 21/21/25 AND LOST! Meanwhile in the Celtics win, Allen explodes for 32 and Rondo had a triple double with 19 points. Pierce had 10. Garnett had 6.

    My point is, your guys have played well simultaneously for most of the series. Yet it’s only 2-1. Meanwhile the Celtics, for whatever reason, haven’t come together yet and played the team ball they played all series. And yet they’re still right there at the end of games and still right in the thick of this.

    You say the Lakers have the most talent. I’m not sure that’s true. Sure Kobe is the best player on the floor and I’ll even give you Gasol as the next best. But Rondo is better than Fisher, Pierce is better than Artest (although he hasn’t played like it lately) and I don’t care what you say, Garnett right now is better than a gimpy Bynum. I think these two teams are very evenly matched, but I believe the Celtics are the better team. But we’ll see.

    If they lose I will own up to it but since that’s not gonna happen, I’m sticking with the Celtics. But I will amend to 7 games.

  49. Now, that was a very hard fought victory. My hats off to Boston and their fans. Not much to complain about there. The Boston Bench said they would win this game for the starters and they did. Looks like I will have to wait until Sunday for redemption.

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