Belly Laughs

Yesterday we tackled the serious subject of infant baptism. Today? Well, see for yourself. And you need sound for this video because Will’s laugh is just freaking hysterical.

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12 thoughts on “Belly Laughs

  1. Hilarious! When Braden starts laughing like that I will probably drive him insane with constant attempts to make him laugh again.

  2. What do you have in that milk bottle? I love the part where he literally falls over laughing.

  3. He sounds like he was overtired and just slap-happy…sooo cute! I love that sound:)

  4. Since starting my own family I have found that there is nothing like the pure laughter of an infant- I love making my son laugh like that and will do anything (almost) to make it happen. What’s even funnier in this case was that making him laugh like that was easy- I let him watch Will!! He saw the “woof-woof” when I was watching and wanted to “see-see” so I let him watch it with me and now he can’t stop asking for “baby, woof-woof, baby hahaha”- Thanks Aaron!!

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