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  1. Hi Aaron,
    Great blog!

    Sean from SumahoMAMA here. We’re a group in Tokyo making educational apps for kids around the world. We have a new app out and were wondering if you would be interested in reviewing it. We’ve had some coverage from the mommy bloggers, but wanted some love from the daddies as well. In addition, we love honest, constructive criticism and feedback.

    The app itself is free with 3 free songs, but we’ve been offering reviewers $15 to download some of the extra song packs. If this is something that might interest you, please let us know.


    Touch ‘n Sing
    Android Google Play
    Amazon Kindle

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  3. Sorry, I have to vote NO on pajamas in public. It seems to a “thing” and I wish it wasn’t. I do however, appreciate your point of view. : )

  4. Hello Aaron,

    My name is Jason Patterson and I am also a father. I live in Denver and unfortunately my son is currently living with his mother in Arkansas due to a nasty custody dispute. I just wanted to say thank you for 1 being a great daddy to your boys and 2 thank you for putting that experience online for others to see. I was almost in tears reading through some of your blogs as I miss my son so much and I also realize how many precious moments I am missing, how many are stolen from us. I believe that one of the biggest problems in society today is fathers are not seen as a vital part of a childs life but rather an optional addition to the mothers plan. I think people have a general outlook that fathers dont care or love children the same way that mothers do and hence are not needed. The tender years doctrine is a perfect example of this. All you ever hear about is the guys that get a girl pregnant then bounce to avoid responsibilities. Media portrays men in general as a second class parent and I think the biggest problem is we need more visibility of good dads like you and I to change the image dads get. I have been fighting to be a dad to my son for three years and I have been shut down at every turn and treated like a criminal by the court just for loving my son. Anyway thanks for being a good dad and remember how lucky you are.

    Jason Patterson recently posted..The Chair: How I Learned to Love My Second ChildMy Profile

  5. Dear Daddy Files,

    Good Morning. Let me begin by complimenting you on a beautiful website and mission. Fathers often get left out and it’s nice to see a safe spot for them to share.

    My name is Esther Stanard and I am the Founder of Miscarriage Matters, Inc… We offer free support to mothers and fathers who have suffered the heartbreaking loss of their child through Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Early Infant Loss (SIDS). I’m reaching out because, while we hope and pray that pregnancy has a happy ending, often times, it doesn’t. Like many issues surrounding pregnancy, Fathers often get overlooked and this is no exception. Many are left to suffer in the shadows silently, while help and support is often provided to the mothers. We understand that fathers grieve too and for this reason, Miscarriage Matters 2 Men was created. We would like to partner with you to offer our support to those fathers who are struggling with this devastation. Our Miscarriage Matters 2 Men Program, is a free one-on-one support and mentoring 4MEN, BY MEN.

    We humbly ask that you add us as a resource for those in need. Please contact me personally if you have any additional questions. My personal email:

    Thanks So Much and Please let me know your thoughts.

    With Best Regards,

    Email Address:

  6. Brother thank you very much. We only just found out that she is pregnant yesterday and its been a lot to take in. I am/ we are very excited. In addition to being completely terrified, confused, and a little freaked out. Still very excited. I am also a Boston guy, bred and brought up. We live in the North end now. I would really appreciate any other pointers you could send my way as almost all of my friends are still living very single lives. Clothing, shopping, food… anything would be appreciated. Keep up the good work. Its great to hear about a man who is dedicated to being a great husband and father. Thanks again.


  7. Hi, I just wanted to say thank you and I understand. I recently stumbled across your posts about your extremely unlucky pregnancy history, and I just want to let you know that myself and my husband have been where you are. We tried for almost 10 years to get pregnant and when we did we were so happy…until the test started to come back abnormal. You know how the rest of the story goes. The heartache of having an abortion when all you want is to hold your child is a hell no one else can imagine. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone, and thanks to your blog, we know we aren’t alone also.

    Thank you.

  8. Gen: That made my day. Not hearing about your story — that broke my heart. But knowing my online blathering helped someone feel not so much alone? That part made my day. And thank you for returning the favor and letting me know I’m not just aimlessly talking into the black abyss of the Internet.
    Daddy Files recently posted..My Son Is Reunited With His Long Lost LoveyMy Profile

    Thank you for this post! As a gen x woman I’ve only starting recognizing the double standard many of us women hold when it comes to wanting men to help, and then not supporting them in doing that. Case in point: we recently had 3 men at work with new babies.. the question they got about paternity leave was couched as “when will you be back” (the innuendo being they shouldn’t be going at all). The question most women seem to get (self included) is “too bad you can’t take 6 months instead of the 6 weeks your allowed”.

    I’ve started challenging all the women I interact with around gender issues to pay attention to their own behavior regarding men and child rearing. I have come to truly believe the next phase of feminism is supporting men who choose to be involved in their child’s lives.. whether that’s 3 months of paternity leave, or being the stay at home parent.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  10. Dear Aaron,

    I am writing on behalf of, the national nonprofit that works to prevent children from being left in vehicles. We would like to first thank you for your wonderful post on the TIME website sharing your personal, terrifying experience. We are SO very glad your little guy is okay. We would love to talk with you. Please contact us at your convenience.

    Thank you!
    Amber Rollins
    Director & Volunteer Manager

  11. Hi Aaron,

    I am here reading your blog because I just finished reading your opinion piece on Time. Com about 9 year olds, playgrounds and Uzis. Wonderful writing! I couldn’t agree more. I am not an American, so find the attitude of some of your countrymen to guns quite astonishing, but as you say, regardless of a person’s stance on gun rights, handing a machine gun to a 9 year old seems a far more dangerous gambit than leaving one ‘unsupervised’ (as we all were) at a busy playground in the summertime. Quite mindboggling that the former is okay, and the latter an arrestable offence.

    I like your most recent blog post, too, so will be sure to bookmark this site. Keep up the writing, and enjoy the kids 🙂

    New Zealand

  12. Hey Aaron, I’ve read a few of your posts and they are absolutely wonderful man. I’m really impressed by your wit and honesty. You’re writing in sooooo damn good, it motivates me to step up my blogging game. Thanks for making it hard and presenting me with a huge challenge. Continued success bro, and thanks for inspiring us dads –while making us smile.

    Warm regards,

    Ian Brown

  13. Hey buddy…I was on the floor laughing my butt off after I read your blog…I must say you hit the nail on the head here….this is exactly what I’m experiencing at this very moment .
    I didnt even know this kind of support was available till my wife found it and made me read it….she was always insisting that I look up how to treat with a pregnant woman.. but I stupidly defied her….(big mistake)
    Im happy that I’ve read this blog…..thanks

  14. Hi Aaron,
    I had to write to say ‘congratulations’ to you and MJ. It’s a little weird to use both of your names as if I know you both, but I started following your blog soon after Will was born (I learned about it after meeting MJ ever so briefly at a nursing mom’s group in Falmouth-I think your blog was announced to the group) and read it for a while. I knew of your trials at the abortion clinic and was happy to know that you are one of those people who stands up to jerks (to be polite) like them. I guess this must have been around the time I stopped reading (nothing personal). Well, it comes full circle because I was reading the Huffington Post last night clicked on a parenting sort of article with a catchy title and then I see, it’s written by you. I couldn’t believe it. I had to check out your blog today and was happy to see that you guys were able to “complete” your family, just as you wanted to for many years. So congratulations! And nice to see that your blog is getting a lot of attention.

    Just wanted to share this to make the world a little smaller, sort of.

  15. Hi Kate: That is so cool! I love those stories when someone other than people who are related to me find my blog on a totally random basis. Thank you so much for taking the time to drop me a line and tell me that. I really appreciate it.

    We’re off the Cape now but I hope you’re doing well down there. Falmouth was a fun town to cover for the Cape Cod Times and I miss working there. Anyway, thanks again and feel free to pop back in whenever!
    Daddy Files recently posted..7 Things New Englanders Can Love About This SnowMy Profile

  16. Hello,

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  17. I would like your help with a severe injustice happening within the Sedgwick County Family Court System. This is my story:

    Over the past 3 years, I have been fighting for my rights as a father as well as my ability to keep a roof over my head and food on my table. It started when I returned home from a military deployment, as a guard member I did not return to an active duty paycheck but rather to my civilian paycheck with was much lower than that of what I received on deployment. Immediately I began trying to have my child support adjusted for my two children that I cared for 50% of the time to reflect my civilian income. After months of falling behind in child support due to the delays in court, I was offered a new job as a contractor in Huntsville, AL in January 2012. After much prayer, my wife and I decided to separate from the military (after almost 12 years) and take the job to give our family a better financial foundation. At that time, I was trying to keep up with child support payments based on an income I was no longer making, and falling farther and farther behind. With the State of Kansas being unconcerned with the situation they were causing, we did our best. Finally my child support was adjusted to my new job, with a hitch. The bump in pay I received during government contracting deployments was calculated into my monthly child support. The amount was outrageous. In fact, my paychecks were garnished for the maximum amount allowable by law, which was still not the full amount. A year and a half later when the company I worked for lost the contract I was employed under, I was laid off along with everyone else under the same contract. I spent months looking for a new job in the same field with absolutely no results, and living on $265/week unemployment benefits I finally turned to looking for anything. With government contracting field jobs plummeting that year (2013) I did what so many others have had to resort to doing: I went back to school to get my degree in a different and more stable field. For me, it was to pursue becoming a pastor. I did this while working multiple part-time jobs. I went back to the courts, where I was told that my motivations to return to school were “a little bit questionable” (verbatim from the court Journal Entry) and was denied a readjustment to my child support being order instead to continue to pay child support based on my earning potential. Even more so, the court was asked by my ex’s lawyer for the court to rule without any kind of Evidentiary Hearing, thereby denying my ability and right to show that I was laid off, that I had given more than 100% to finding a new job, and my ability to ask that child support be based on the income I was earning off of multiple part-time jobs while in school. This has been repeated twice in the last 2 years. Now, having secured a full-time job, as the court trustee ordered (in order to qualify for readjustment), I have again been denied an Evidentiary Hearing. My wife and I have done our best, however, child support at over $890 per month, is unjust and unrealistic based on my actual income. My ex-wife earns significantly more than I do at over $50k a year to my $23k, which raises the standard of living that child support is based on. I have been fighting this for over 4 years, being denied every opportunity to show evidence. I am being told that I am a bad parent because I cannot live up to their decreed financial responsibility, which is based on a job I have not held in years. At this point, I am looking at being put into jail for contempt of court, although I have done everything the court has asked that is within my power to do. I am 1 year from graduating with my degree, and even when I finish, and secure a position as a pastor, I will still be facing this issue because I will never earn the level of income the state has deemed as my earning potential. I have approached this from every angle that I and my counsel have at our disposal, however, all I seem to have is my faith and a hope that perhaps bringing to light this situation through the media as well as higher offices within our government will help to correct the flaw and injustices in the Sedgwick County [Kansas] Family Court system. I have been discriminated against, belittled, degraded, and am currently trying to be used as an example for “sperm donors” who try to evade the financial responsibility for their children. I love my kids and I do the best that I am able to do, but the court tells me over and over, “You are worthless unless you make $XX,XXX or more.” I have tried to work with my children’s mother to have her approval to a lower amount of support, but she feels the full allotted amount is required for her to maintain her preferred standard of living. I served 12 years as a member of the Kansas Air National Guard, have been deployed in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, Noble Eagle and, Operation New Dawn. I am currently doing all that I can to continue doing God’s work while supporting my wife and children however I will be reduced to a common criminal without some sort of intercedence. Please share my story, and keep me and my family in prayers.
    Anthony Krones

  18. Hey Aaron, Wanted to send you a note about chafing while running. Try A&D ointment before you run….(or there is a product called BodyGlide that you can probably get at Marathon Sports or Sports Authority).

    Runners and Appalachian Trail Hikers use A&D all the time for just that reason.

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  22. Hi there!

    I found your blog after one of my friends shared it with me on Facebook and wanted to run a few things by you. I’m working on a tax/business project, and I think it’s something you could definitely relate to! Let me know if you have a moment to discuss.



  23. Hi,

    Do you have a recommended reading list for new dads/dads to be, etc?


  24. Hi Andrew:

    Doug Moe’s “Man vs. Child” is good:

    Whit Honea’s “The Parents’ Phrase Book” is awesome:

    The Expectant Father by my friend Armin Brott is a classic:
    Daddy Files recently posted..Stop Telling Parents Not to Talk About PoliticsMy Profile

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