Dads Don’t Deserve Father’s Day??

From England, I’d like you to read the dumbest thing I’ve encountered in quite a while.

Basically, this British stay-at-home-dad doesn’t think there should be a Father’s Day. He cites the schmaltzy commercialism and the cheesy Hallmark cards, which I actually agree with, but he starts to lose me with his “reasoning.” And then, when he gets to comparing and contrasting Father’s Day with Mother’s Day, he makes me downright angry. Take these statements for example:

“But a father in a mother’s role will never be the real deal: there are instincts that only mothers possess.”

“Mothers can tell, for example, if a child is running a fever just be glancing at him, and mothers can hear their own child waking up in the night while the house is full of revellers. I suspect, also, that the innate need to go the extra, extra mile for your offspring is maternal. So maybe Mothering Sunday is valid for just that reason.”

Are you kidding me with this crap???

First of all, a father in a nurturing “mother’s” role can never be the real deal? That is absolute bullshit. Why? Just because we can’t breastfeed? Loving and caring for a child is not an instinct that is restricted to mothers. I’m not sure who this idiot thinks he is or who he’s speaking for, but it certainly isn’t me or any of the dads I know. I’m just as good a caretaker and parent as my wife is, and part of that is because paternal instincts kicked in the minute Will was born. So don’t refer to it as a “mother’s” role because despite your misguided assumptions, mothers do not have the market cornered when it comes to parenting.

And second, don’t give me that tired old “But a mother just knows” crap. That is the biggest myth out there. Mothers are great, but they’re not supernatural. They know if their child is running a fever just by looking at him because they’re not stupid. The kid’s face is probably flushed. But guess what? DADS CAN TELL THE SAME THING! And quite contrary to what our jolly good chap of an author thinks, I’m the one who always hear my son wake up or make the slightest noise at night. The Revolutionary War could be going on in Will’s room and she would continue to snore right through it.

The author makes it sound like a vagina doubles as a magical antenna that gives women special parenting abilities. But I have news for this moron, it’s not our anatomical plumbing that makes us good parents.

I’m used to other women spewing this bile but I can’t believe a dad — and a stay-at-home-dad at that — would let this kind of crap leave his mouth. Mother’s Day is already celebrated a million times more intensely than Father’s Day. And now this guy wants to do away with what little recognition dads get? Screw you pal! I don’t expect expensive gifts on Father’s Day but I like the idea of dedicating one day to honoring dads. We do it for moms, grandparents, secretaries, veterans, the Easter Bunny, and the birth of a fictional baby in a manger on December 25. I don’t think it’s too much to ask that we have one day dedicated to honoring and thanking dads.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s no room for this kind of dad-on-dad crime. If this guy wants to get rid of Father’s Day across the Pond, let him. He’s England’s problem. But in America, we should put an added emphasis on Father’s Day, not minimize it and we certainly shouldn’t do away with it!

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7 thoughts on “Dads Don’t Deserve Father’s Day??

  1. Clearly he has a twisted Oedipus Complex from living in the Matriarchal British society.

    However, he was correct in one aspect. Fathers simply cannot, no matter how phenomenal a parent they are, take the place of a mother. The reverse is true also. Mothers cannot fill the shoes of a Father.

    The problem is that the trend of single mothers is so insidious in our society that fathers get stereotyped. All are judged by the actions of some. When you try to dispel peoples beliefs that not ALL fathers are like this, they will quickly give you a statistical breakdown on how many single mothers there are, how many fathers owe child support, how many fathers pick up and leave and so on. The persistence of the stereotype effectively lowers the outrage and/or stigma attached to deadbeat dads and single moms and serves to perpetuate the problem. It also has an effect on some fathers that are doing what they’re supposed to. You’ll find fathers that think they’re the best thing since sliced bread for doing nothing more than handling their responsibility.

    People underestimate how much damage can be done by stereotypes and generalizations. What you are experiencing, all that anger and frustration is because someones elses actions have formed peoples opinions about you without knowing you. It effects you because it labels you against your will and irrespective of your individual actions. If you take into account that the trend that has fed these generalizations is only a few decades in the making, you can scratch the surface of what it’s like to combat generations of labels and stereotypes. Congratulations, you’ve had a taste of what it’s like to be black in America, lol. Welcome to the party.

  2. JEE: What? Are you telling me I’m an honorary African American because I now know what it’s like to battle stereotypes?

    SWEET! Now I can dance well, grow out my afro and eat lots of watermelon and fried chicken! And I’m pretty sure MJ will be pleased with my — ahem — enhancements! ­čśë (And this is sarcasm for all you prudes out there who could possibly think that last statement was serious)

  3. Oh sweet jesus, you just reminded me of a wicked embarrassing story!

    And no, I’m not allowed to hand out honorary titles, lol. It’s just the more I wrote the more familiar it was becoming, lol.

    My captcha is Taylor 9 Romper which is HILARIOUS considering Taylor is my guys name and the post I’m about to put in the other blog is directly related to both 9 and romping, lmao!!!

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