Discuss Amongst Yourselves

I think now is a good time to give a shout out and make an announcement.

First of all, thank you to my brother Nate. Nate is not a web designer by any means, yet he has put this entire site together single-handedly. He has spent countless hours on getting everything up to speed and I can’t thank him enough. He may be the only little brother I have, but even if he weren’t I’d still say he’s the best brother I have!

In that vein, he’s always looking for ways to enhance the Web site and he recently had another good idea. So starting today, we’ll have a Forum everyone can click on if you’re feeling frisky and want to debate a few things instead of leaving comments. You can find the link on the top right of this page, on the home page, or go right to www.daddyfiles.com/forum to access it directly.

Talk about whatever your little hearts desire. Parenting, politics, favorite colors…go nuts! Depending on the topic of discussion my job might prevent me from joining in, but you can bet I’ll jump in when I can and we’ll have ourselves a good time.

So let the games begin and if you like what we’re doing on this site, I won’t mind if you tell a friend or two and let them know how wonderful www.daddyfiles.com truly is!

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7 thoughts on “Discuss Amongst Yourselves

  1. I’m always feeling frisky, darling, so this should be fun. Ooh, I better watch out or RU might get on her high horse again and call us names.

    Great job, Brother Nate!

  2. uh, did something happen with the move? As always the stories are great but, you retracted a story?!? Also, the comments…er, uh, the commenters seem combative – are these two observations related? I feel a little lost at the moment – this happens when not near a computer for a few days:( I think the uptight commenters might want to visit Diamond’s blog and read the “good vibrations” entry and go find that store- maybe then they will relax!!

  3. Morvy, I wish I could go into specifics but I can’t. Let’s just say I’ve been told that because of my job, there are certain things I cannot express my opinion on publicly. That’s about all I can say. Sorry.

  4. Very Very cool! Love the forum idea. I am always frisky and ready for anything.

    Good going NATE!!!

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