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There are certain things I swore I’d never do when I became a parent. Things like engage in baby talk, dress us all in matching sweaters for family portraits and overdose on all things Disney. Admittedly, I’ve been known to go so far as to say Disney is single-handedly ruining the world.

Looks like I owe some people some apologies.

I received four complimentary tickets to the Dec. 26 Disney on Ice “Treasure Trove” show courtesy of Feld Entertainment, and it was AWESOME! Keep in mind, I’m saying all of this as a snarky and former self-confessed Disney hater. Believe me, I wanted to hate it. I wanted to bitch about it and make fun of it and be the cool blogger who’s so above this tired Disney stuff. And ice skating to boot? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been forced to watch figure skating in the Olympics and been bored to tears, just waiting for one of them to fall so I could laugh. Believe me, I was prepared for all of this.

Until my son started smiling, my toe started tapping and—God help me—suddenly I was singing along.

The Lion King, Peter Pan, Snow White, Tangled, The Incredibles, Aladdin…you name it and this show had it. There’s really no bad seats because the action is constantly moving and you can see everything. The skating is really good, the music is awesome and the characters are flying, taking magic carpet rides and pyrotechnics are going off everywhere. It’s really pretty incredible.

Will’s favorite part was when Tinkerbell was flying and suddenly pyrotechnics went off in the form of “pixie dust.” You should’ve seen his face, he was stunned. That was followed closely by one of Will’s favorite movies, “The Princess and the Frog.” Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

He was so happy. Seriously. Just ecstatic. And seeing him so happy made me happy. And honestly, it was pretty fun for me too. MJ and I had a blast right there along with Will. Thanks to Feld Entertainment, we even got a special meet-and-greet with Mickey and Minnie afterwards.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a true review if I didn’t have at least SOME criticisms. They’re few and far between though. For instance:

  • As you can imagine, there are hawkers galore trying to get you to buy something. We combated this by bringing cool toys from home. Especially ones that light up, because there are these crazy, spinny, light up toys that kids crave. If you can bring your own you’ll save a ton of money.
  • This is what one fellow blogger called a “princess heavy” show. If you’re against princesses and the like then you’ll probably find this more than a little annoying. I’m OK with it, but I know others harbor some angst when it comes to this.
  • I’m not sure why Disney can’t have Timon & Pumba say the word “fart,” yet they’re fine with playing Kei$ha’s song “Tick Tock” and having the hyenas from Lion King feast on Mufassa’s carcass. Arbitrary lines in the sand always amuse me. But seriously, they show Mufassa dying so be prepared for some sad parts.

My favorite part was during the Lion King (one of Will’s favorites) when Rafiki the monkey started singing “Just Can’t Wait to be King.” I thought Will would love it because it’s one of his favorite songs, but when I looked over he was troubled. I asked him what was the matter and I absolutely LOVED his response.

“Dada, Rafiki doesn’t sing this song with Simba & Nala. Zazoo sings this song. They got it wrong.”

And he was right. As a movie snob and trivia fanatic, he did me proud pointing out the inaccuracy. But other than that snafu and the stuff I mentioned earlier, this is well worth the money and it’s a great time. Click here to find shows and times near you and do yourself a favor and buy a ticket immediately.

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