Excitement Galore

I know, I know. It’s been more than a week since my last post. Inexcusable really, but I’ve had a lot of excitement in my life lately.

First of all, my good friend Christine got married last Friday. She was absolutely beautiful, her husband is a kick-ass guy and the wedding was phenomenal. And if I do say so myself, MJ and I didn’t look too shabby either. I rented a tux and MJ wore a gorgeous dress. Have a look.

Every time I look at her I wonder how I ever ended up with someone so beautiful.

Anyway, we had a spectacular time. The band was great, the food was excellent and if there were ever two people meant for each other it is Christine and Patrick. We celebrated long after the band played it’s last song, drinking and carrying on in the hotel lobby bar of the Intercontinental Boston. It was last call at 2 a.m. and we were meandering into the lobby, when all of a sudden the fire alarm went off.

We were evacuated and not let back inside for the next 7 hours. Some hotel guests slept on the lawn opposite the hotel. Many were still in tuxes and evening gowns. Others in robes. Like refugees, people wandered to the Boston Harbor Hotel where they slept on couches, chairs and the floor in the lobby. The bride and groom spent their first night as husband and wife on the ballroom floor of the hotel, sleeping under a tablecloth because the hotel had run out of blankets.

As for me? Well, a good reporter is never off-duty. So I called in the details to the Boston Herald’s city desk and set them up with interviews. My contributing line is at the end of the article. Check it out. And also this video, which features my best friend’s sister Taylor as the first person talking.

After the wedding, it was time to prepare for my trip to Martha’s Vineyard to cover President Barack Obama’s family vacation.

It was…interesting.

We stayed in a beautiful house, but with lots of other media people so I slept on the couch the first night. We weren’t included in the White House press pool, so we basically had to stalk the President. Which means we parked near where he was staying for hours on end and waited for a motorcade to form. And then we frantically followed it. I didn’t meet Obama, but I saw him a few times along with the First Lady and the presidential daughters, Sasha & Malia.

At one point Obama went golfing and no matter where we went the Secret Service was giving us the boot. So I turned to technology.

I whipped out my Droid and accessed Google Earth. I found a road with some houses that abut the golf course. Then I drove up to the house, introduced myself to the owner and begged him to give us permission to take pictures from his land. And because the Secret Service can’t tell private homeowners what to do on their own land, they had to let us stay. So we took pictures of Obama teeing off in front of us. Pretty cool, and all praise to my mighty smart phone.

So in the last week I watched a good friend get married. And at said wedding, I had the experience of being evacuated because of a fire and writing a story about it. Then I saw the leader of the free world multiple times in person. Pretty cool huh. But alas, it was not the pinnacle of excitement for me this week.

You see, Will is potty training right now. He uses a small potty sometimes, but also uses a special set that goes on the regular toilet. No matter which one he uses, he pees in the potty like a champ. We have stopped putting diapers on him during the day and even at night, although he sleeps with a diaper, it’s usually pretty dry in the morning. We’re so close to swearing off diapers forever.

But the number one obstacle is number two.

Will had refused to shit in the potty. He just wouldn’t have it. In fact, he opposed it so much he’d hold in his poops for as long as possible and give himself stomachaches. Kid is stubborn, just like his mother. But last weekend, after a crazy amount of prodding and positive encouragement, it finally happened. He dropped a doozy. A deuce to end all deuces. It curled around the whole bottom of the potty. Pretty impressive actually.I wanted to take a picture but MJ drew a line in the sand. Wuss.

Now I’ve lived through two Red Sox World Series. Three Patriots super bowl wins. And a Celtics NBA world championship. But the celebration I broke into when my son defecated into a plastic receptacle trumped all of them. I used to think I’d trade anything for a Sox championship trophy. But the idea that I’ll never have to buy diapers for Will again is the most thrilling prospect imaginable. And not changing them anymore?? Sweet Jesus it’s like a living wet dream for parents.

So that’s been my jam-packed week. Weddings, fires, fantasy football drafts, Presidents and my son shitting in a plastic bin. The fun never stops.

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7 thoughts on “Excitement Galore

  1. Were you there for the weed man incident? I read that in Eric Williams blog, I was in tears laughing at that bit of brilliance.

  2. Congrats Will! And congrats to you two for sticking it out with a little stubborn one! Boys are hard to train! Great job!

  3. Yes, congrats to you all for the great potty-training success; esp, before the age of 2 1/2. We’ve really got to work with our son more. He is telling us sometimes when he has to go but then again also sometimes when asked if he has to poop in the potty says he wants to poop in his pants.

  4. Re: the wedding…Is this Christine Hogan that you are talking about?? If so, small world!!! Just found your blog… it’s great!!

  5. Hi JM:

    Yup, Christine is one of my best friends from high school. We’ve known each other since middle school. Were you at the wedding too?

  6. We went to Babson together!!! (My husband went there as well). We weren’t at the wedding, but I heard it was great!! (Minus the evacuation… but it’ll certainly be a wedding that is hard to forget)!!!

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