False Alarm

This post also appeared on www.capecodonline.com/blogs in the opinion section of the Cape Cod Times, a division of Ottaway Newspapers, Inc.

Without getting into the ultra-descriptive details, we made a trip to Cape Cod Hospital last night after calling the doctor and being advised to come in for a check to determine if MJ was going into labor. When she told me what was going on, I was surprisingly calm. I always thought I’d run around at warp speed, drive 100 MPH to the hospital and there would be red alarm lights flashing or something. But instead I told her to take her time, point out all the necessary items she needs to pack (most of which were already in a suitcase) and then off we went.

When we got to the hospital they got out two straps and put them on her belly. One was to monitor the baby’s heart beat and the other to check for contractions. We waited for a while and chatted with a friendly nurse, who took all our information (and there’s A LOT of information they need) until the doctor came in to check us. But alas, yesterday was not meant to be. She was not dilated at all and her water had not broken or ruptured. But we did learn some other valuable information by going in so the trip was actually very beneficial and I guess everything happens for a reason.

But this test run really woke me up to the fact that this baby is coming and coming soon. Getting to be in the hospital room and see some of the things we’ll be going through was actually a big help. At least now I know what to expect so I think I’ll be a little more at ease. Also, with my Mom going in for a rather serious surgery today I’m thankful I don’t have to worry about both at the same time.

And to leave you on a comical note, my lovely wife is being confirmed in a Catholic church in Taunton tomorrow. Although I won’t be there to see it because I have to work, I’m sure she’ll look very cute getting confirmed at 9 months pregnant. I just hope the baby doesn’t decide to make an early arrival at the altar!

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