For two months we’ve been waiting for Will’s upper teeth to come in. Well, the good news is the wait is over. The bad news? He’s a frickin’ vampire!

Instead of his top front teeth popping out he’s growing vampire teeth on the both sides. I guess maybe I should’ve had him baptized huh? He’s an unbaptized child who I dressed as Satan for Halloween, and now he’s got the Mark of the Devil on him. My bad.

Or maybe my son is just very, very sly. After all, society is obsessed with vampires right now. True Blood is one of our favorite shows right now. If you haven’t watched it, order HBO and watch all of the first season on On Demand. There’s something for everyone in that show. Women have the sappy love story between Sooky and Vampire Bill, and guys get to see lots of boobs. Everybody wins. Not to mention that movie “Twilight” that’s out right now which every 15-year-old girl in America is going to see roughly 67 times each over the next couple of months.

So maybe he’s not the Devil. Maybe he just recognizes a trend and does his best to fit in. I’m not going to start worrying until he melts in the sunlight or tries to drain me of all my blood.

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6 thoughts on “Fangs!

  1. Hey…we need photographic proof! Although, vampires don’t show up in photos, right?

  2. When your mother and I went to Miami for the football game this weekend, they put us in room 666 at the Holiday Inn. I’m not kidding. And we had to move because the ac wasn’t working and it was too hot. Is there something going on down there we should know about???

  3. I always told people not to trust those immunizations! It’s the governments way of testing biological warfare and now you’ve got a vambaby. Then again, those are the canines so it’s possible he’s a werewolf and you’re worried for no reason.

  4. I’d love a picture too. But trying to get a look into the kid’s mouth is damn near impossible. He screams bloody murder and twists his whole body around so I can barely hold onto him. Besides, the teeth are just cutting now so there’s not much to look at, but they’re there. I’ll get a picture as soon as I can hold him down long enough.

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