Fatherhood is Unscripted


When I was 14 years old, I got in big trouble at school and received a one-day indoor suspension. The punishment from the school was bad, but what I was REALLY dreading was the reaction from my parents. Especially my dad.

As expected, he FLIPPED when he heard I had been suspended. Naturally, he wanted to know why, and he automatically assumed the worst. He demanded I tell him the nature of my wrongdoing, stat!

“Dad, I was doing a science project outside of school with (my best friend) and while we were joking around I mooned the camera. Well, that slide got developed and he threatened to put the slide in his presentation and I told him he didn’t have the guts and…well, he did have the guts. So I got suspended because a picture of my bare butt was shown to the science class.”

I’ll never forget the look on his face. Anger, confusion, bewilderment and…wait, is that — amusement? Did a flicker of a smile just cross his face?

“Are you telling me you’re suspended because your bare ass was on a screen in freshman science?” he said.

There was a long pause before I confirmed that yes, that was indeed the case.

“Wow,” he exclaimed while shaking his head and barely concealing his smirk. “I was ready for drugs, drinking, fighting and all the normal stuff. I have to admit, there’s no chapter in the parenting handbook for how to deal with a science class mooning.”


Parenting. You can read about it, research it, and prepare all you want. But until you become one and enter the throes of roller-coaster craziness being a dad entails, you’ll never understand just how much of a master of improv you need to become.

There is no script. No manual. No universal remote. What works on Will won’t necessarily work for Sam, and sometimes what proved effective a month ago is no longer relevant. Being a dad means being in a constant state of flux and adjusting on the fly, which is no easy task when you’re trying to raise little people.

Enter Cardstore and its #WorldsToughestJob campaign geared toward fathers.

If you’re like me and don’t want to give your dad another ho-hum card for Father’s Day, you’ve got to check out Cardstore’s personalized Father’s Day photo cards. I made one for my dad and it’s a great (and affordable) way to show you care.

First you pick from hundreds of templates. When you find the one you want, start personalizing it. It’s very easy, and Cardstore lets you sync up to your Facebook and Instagram pages to easily pull photos right onto the card.


From there, it’s just a matter of choosing which photos you want, and filling in the picture slots. Then you can personalize a message on the inside, fill out the name and address of your dad, and Cardstore will mail it directly to your father.


And that’s it. Piece of cake. What’s better, you can even get a discount by entering the discount code “CCG4527″ at checkout. Just make sure you complete the card by June 9 so it makes it to your dad in time.

While some may question whether or not parenting is the “world’s toughest job,” I would strongly argue raising quality human beings is the most important job. And I know I didn’t make it easy on my dad (as my kids aren’t taking it easy on me), so for that I’d like to dedicate the following awesome video to my dad.

Mother’s Day gets most of the attention, but more dads than ever before are CHOOSING to stay at home as full time parents. And the working dads (like me) are paying more attention to work/life balance, making their kids a priority, and focusing on things like flex scheduling and telecommuting to be more present on the home front.

Cardstore recognizes the advances dads are making, and that’s why everyone should click here and share with the world the reasons their dads deserve a standing ovation this Father’s Day. Each time someone uses the hashtag in a tweet or post, this “Dadmiration” counter will record it and tally up all the dad love out there.

Happy Father’s Day!

***Disclosure: I partnered with Cardstore from American Greetings and Life of Dad, LLC for the #WorldsToughestJob Dad Casting Father’s Day promotion and was compensated for my involvement.

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