FF: Done With Formula!!!

I should be happy about Will’s most recent milestone — ditching formula in favor of whole milk — because it’s just one more positive development as he nears his 1st birthday. He’s eating solid food, he’s at the top of the charts for height and weight and he’s working on drinking milk out of a sippy cup instead of a bottle. Yes, these developments are important and should be celebrated all right, but that’s not why I’m happy. I’m happy because…


I figured it all out. Check it:

24 oz Nestle Good Start (w/ Cultures): $30.00/container

Weeks Will was on formula: 32 weeks

Containers per week: 1.5

I’m not a math major, but that adds up to a whopping $1,440!

Now I should add that MJ breastfed Will for three months and she wanted to continue longer, but Mother Nature had other ideas. And while I’m not a woman, I’ve seen what breastfeeding does to a nipple. I’m still having nightmares so I can’t blame any woman who switches over to formula feeding.

But can you believe that shit? It cost $1,440 just to feed this kid formula for 8 months. Had we done it for the whole year, that’s nearly $2,400 give or take. And when you consider the fact that you spent all that money on something he just peed/pooped out in the end, it makes you even more depressed.

$1,440 for 8 months. Maybe it’s because the economy sucks and money is so tight right now, but I cringe when I think of what we could’ve spent that money on. Things like:

  • One month’s mortgage payment
  • Five months worth of car payments
  • At least 14 hands of blackjack at a $100 Foxwoods table
  • One standing room only ticket to see a Red Sox-Yankees game
  • Four sessions with a moderately priced prostitute
  • One appointment for MJ to get her hair and nails done
  • An initial visit with a divorce lawyer (that was MJ’s!)
  • 246 shares of Bank of America stock (hehehehe…assholes!)

But now we’re free. Free of formula at last! Free to put that $180 a month toward any one of the above listed items if we so choose. We are slaves no more. Well, not really anyways. We are now obligated to buy copious amounts of whole milk, but at $3.19 a gallon that’s substantially less than we were paying those crooked formula swindlers.

So take that formula vendors! I will now spend my money on prostitutes and casino gambling instead of my son and there’s nothing you can do about it!

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23 thoughts on “FF: Done With Formula!!!

  1. We just recently switched to milk from formula as well, our daughter turned 1 in February. I have decided that with #2 I am going to try A LOT harder to keep up breastfeeding. Formula is ridiculously expensive.

  2. I don’t know, Badass…if that’s his choice, he’ll have to win big to afford the divorce lawyer after all is said and done. 🙂

    What an awesome milestone! Forget walking – that formula crap is expensive!

  3. Isn’t that the truth. Now you just have to get out of diapers and you’ll be freaking rich 🙂

  4. Gotta love it! And if you’ve got a big milk drinker, (like us) we get our milk in bulk at the warehouse store! Yay WILL!!!!

  5. I’m sooo glad those days are done for me…for now…

    Congrats, now you can switch that money over for clothing and shoes, since shoes for kids are almost priced like shoes for grownups depending on where you shop or the circumstance (my daughter has wide feet so her shoes are priced a bit higher).

  6. You’re lucky he didn’t need special formula. They showed us estimates based on this special kind of formula some babies need at baby class and it was like $6,000 for a year!

  7. Congrats, that is awesome…we’re hoping to give our little man milk here in about four weeks…and I’ with New-Dad-Blog, when our son developed his milk protein allergy we were going to have to use hypoallergenic formula that costs $2 more per can, but you get 40% less! I did the math at the time in case we had to go that route and we were looking at almost $450/month. Absolutely ridiculous. So, my wife put herself on the most restrictive diet – no dairy, soy, peanuts or tree nuts. It was a crazy time over the five and a half months we had to do that. Fortunately all items have been reintroduced without issue.

  8. being off the formula is the best…wait til there are no more diapers in your future! 🙂 i used good start for my girls..regular. around $6 a can. that was awhile ago. i used enfamil w my son in the 87/88 so not much more than the price of good start can that i used for girls in the late 90s.

  9. I had no idea formula was so expensive. My wife breastfed all of our children. Congrats on being free of that huge expense.

  10. Let me tell you, wait til potty training starts. I feel like I am buying toilet paper ALL the time, and there are only 3 of us! Then grocery bill will continue to go up as well…

  11. Ugh… the formula. We ditched the “name brand” stuff for Target brand. It’s still 11$ a can, but WAY better then the $28 we were paying for Enfamil.

    Stupid monopoly.

  12. Accept this as the eye of the storm, lol. Pretty soon you’ll wish for the days of baby expenses. Football season for my little Jr Dolphin was a solid grand when equipment and travel expenses are included.

  13. Alright, you would only get 2 sessions with me for that price. Maybe I would run a buy 2 get one free….but that would be on a week night!

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