FF: The Triumphant Return of MJ


So I know this is Fatherhood Friday and all, but seeing as my wife and son just returned home last night and she surprised me by telling me she desperately wanted to guest blog on the site, I just had to put it up here. Because ladies and gentlemen, my wife is AWESOME. I’ll let her explain the details but she didn’t just come back home to me, she came back a changed woman with great news to boot. I feel like I have my baby back (no Chile’s jokes dammit!) so without further ado, here is my gorgeous wife! And be sure to check out Dad Blogs for more of Fatherhood Friday!

We all have those moments in time where everything seems to make sense. You really don’t know how you got there or why you got there but you did. Amidst all the chaos in our lives these past few months I have never had that one moment where everything made sense and why you come to be at that point.

Last Friday, Will’s first birthday, I was driving to Fayetteville, N.C. after a flight from Boston, enjoying the warm sunshine, beautiful historic town, and thinking about where I was and what I was doing. At that time last year I was convincing Aaron over the phone that I was not in labor, as my best friend Alicia was on the other end telling him to get home now or else the baby would be born at home.

It was at that moment I realized that the only thing that was important was the two people in the back seat sleeping. As they dozed in the back seat it hit me like a ton of bricks. They don’t care what you do for work, what you wear, drive, or who you are friends with. All they care about is you. The first thing that Victor did was run and give me a hug. It has been close to a year since I saw him last, but he did not care. He just knew I loved him unconditionally. It has taken me a long time to get to this point in my life. As Aaron can tell you, I have always been into all the new toys, cars, trips you name it I wanted it. I worked hard to have all these things but I never took the time to enjoy what I earned and what was going on around me, I have missed many things along the way.

It is sad that I had to lose my job and deplete our savings to realize what’s important are the people around you.

I don’t know if it was the fact that the reason why I was down there was to see someone for last time who I really cared about and to take care of my godson, but I realized that friendships go way beyond phone calls and letters. I know that if I had a job and was running my old life I would like to think I would have dropped everything but I know that I can’t, not because I did not have the time to do it, but because I was fearful I would miss an opportunity to get ahead in my career. People from the older generation always are telling the next generation to slow down and enjoy life, but we don’t until it is too late.

Many people look at losing their job as a horrible thing as I did at first, but now I am happy that I did. It has made me take a look at who I am and what I am about. With doing that it has made me a better wife, mother, friend and ultimately a better employee.

While driving along the back roads of N.C. I let all that anxiety about jobs, being a good wife and friend, dissipate. I found peace from the back seat of a car with two sleeping infants. I’m a huge believer of Karma and things ALWAYS happening for a reason.When there is bad there must be good to come. Good always happens when you just let the bad things in your life go and focus on what you have.

When I did that, good things did happen. On Monday I was offered a Nanny job until I find something more permanent. Then, just yesterday, I was offered a full-time job doing something I love.

Karma, thanks for returning the good stuff. It will make it easier to take the bad stuff when it returns.

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21 thoughts on “FF: The Triumphant Return of MJ

  1. That’s awesome bro. Really hits home. Thanks for the comments on Out-Numbered as well. I hate when comments are funnier than my post! Good stuff.

  2. Congrats MJ!! I knew you could make it all work- you always have. Hope things continue to improve….

  3. Congrats on your revelations and jobs! Best of luck in your new position! Go Karma!!

  4. Congrats, thats awesome for you. I was the same way with always wanting more, fortunately my wife snapped me out of that and now I wouldn’t trade my gig as a stay at home dad for anything.

  5. Hooray MJ! I just knew you’d find another job (where hopefully they treat you like you deserve). Judging by what we read here, you’re a really hard, devoted worker, and an even more devoted mother. I wish you the best, and hopefully you’ll keep writing!

  6. Great post.

    I’m glad that you’ve found your center. A lot of people are going through this kind of thing right now.

    My wife is pregnant with our second and is a SAHM with our first after getting laid off last August. We are without insurance so are paying out of pocket for this baby. We’ve tightened the purse strings and are making it work, and it’s just brought us closer together and more in focus for what really matters.

    Happy Fatherhood Friday!

  7. YAY MJ!!! I spend so much time hearing just the opposite of this that it makes it even better when good news comes down the line!

    Happy Celebrating 😉

  8. Great post, MJ.
    Finding our “center” is always more challenging than losing it. But it becomes more familiar to each of us with time.
    Enjoy your family and the day.
    Peace and merriment,

  9. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s my daughter-in-law – and I love her to death and could not be more proud of her!

    Good luck with the job chance – and no matter what happens, you are already one of the richest people I know!

  10. isn’t it great when you find things become much clearer. great news on the job. sounds like you have your head screwed on straight as they say 🙂

  11. First off, CONGRATULATIONS! This goes to both MJ and Aaron, as I know, from reading recent posts, that this financial situation has been weighing heavily on your minds.

    “Good always happens when you just let the bad things in your life go and focus on what you have.” I totally agree.

    Great post! And Happy FF!

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