Flying Solo

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Well, yesterday was the big day.

This week is the first week I’m starting my permanent Saturday night shift, which means I have Wednesdays off to take care of Will. I have to admit I was a little nervous because MJ has spent most of her time taking care of him. Sure I’ve had him alone for a hours at a time, but never for an entire day. But as usual, I really had nothing to worry about.

I couldn’t sleep yesterday so the day started early. I put Will in the stroller shortly after MJ left for work, leashed up the dogs and went for a little stroll. Then I was hungry and figured I had the whole day off, why not treat myself? So it was off to Hollyberrys in Monument Beach, by far the best breakfast joint in town. I’m friendly with the owner, Jack White, after writing an article about the restaurant and I love all the waitresses there. They make fun of me all the time and we have a nice back and forth going whenever we go in there. Needless to say they all loved Will and he was the hit of the morning there. Everyone wanted to look at him, touch him and tell me how beautiful he is. Suffice it to say, I didn’t mind that.

But when I got back home, I realized the toughest thing about being home during the day (which I’m not at all used to) is going to be finding something to do. Within 10 minutes I was bored to tears and I learned that daytime TV sucks! So I packed Will up in the car and just started driving. We ended up in Yarmouth trying to visit my Grandma Carol, but she wasn’t home. So then it was off to the Cape Cod Mall where I bought a book at Barnes & Noble. I have to admit to feeling out of place though. The mall, during the day, is FILLED with mothers and their babies. There were strollers everywhere! I don’t mean anything negative by this, but I felt lazy being there. I’ve had a job since I was 15 and it was just very strange to see how the other half live. I didn’t like it, so I took off.

Later on in the afternoon I tried to pack Will into his new jogging stroller, but he’s still a little too small for it and I didn’t feel comfortable going for a run with the possibility of toppling out. And it’s a good thing I didn’t because he got very fussy in the early evening and I can’t imagine anything worse than a screaming baby, miles away from the car in the middle of a 5-mile run. Did I mention his “witching hour” is quickly because his “witching evening?” Seriously, his fussiness starts at 5:30 now and continues until bedtime. MJ thinks he’s teething but I’m not sure.

Switching gears, I’m happy to announce I’ve now lost 20 lbs in less than two months! I’m getting compliments from friends and neighbors, I feel terrific and I can run 5 miles without stopping now in 54 minutes. Again, not fast but I’m still proud of it. Unfortunately, my buddy Alex has lost about 50 lbs so I’m still trailing by a lot. But keep in mind, he was up near 350 lbs when this whole thing started.

I’ll probably take a little vacation from the blog over the long weekend so Happy 4th and go enjoy some parades and fireworks!

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7 thoughts on “Flying Solo

  1. You should take account for losing 50 lbs (while not easy) is easier for a heavier person than someone your size.

    Congratulations on the 20 lbs though! THat’s what I hope to lose post baby weight loss. It can be a boring life…but if you are a stay at home mom, who makes dinners family the family, lunches and breakfasts for the pre-preschooler and doing the laundry, making yyhe beds doing the grocery shopping, and doing teh random errands like sending out thank you cards, dropping off donations, buying stuff for the kids summer activites and avoiding the TV for hours, its NEVER boring. It’s the first year I think that really brings boredom on…if this is a regular thing for you, I’d take advantage of that time and make a routine out of it. It will make the day go by so much faster. Schedule a playdate wtih grandma for example, a run in the afternoon when he’s big enough for the jogger (I’d say 5 or 6 months when they can hold their head up) and in the warm days, a picnic with the little guy, while he endures tummy time (good for strengthening his neck etc).

    All just as important as working!!!

  2. Let the record show, he is smiling in that picture because his Grandpa is holding him! 🙂

  3. Have a happy 4th Aaron! By the way, you keep mentioning the “witching hour”- don’t worry it does pass! And you’re not alone, we went through it for 3 months with Matt! Have a good one.

  4. Just because you’re at the mall on a weekday doesn’t mean you’re lazy, Aaron. Some are self-employed, or some folks work weekends or nights. And even though you normally work in an office, it doesn’t mean that moms (and dads) who are home full time aren’t working (really!) hard as well.

  5. Also, for those Mall Moms, I’d have to remind you that you should try and imagine what its like to be up all night, letting a child “suck” the life out of you and still trying to get food and snacks in and a decent amount of exercise, and all teh while not talking to ANYONE besides your 3 year old or your infant, for me in the early stage the mall was a refuge where it was cool, there was food, a changing table, shelter, and people I could connect with and re-establish my sanity.

    For you it might be foreign…try being home with an infant 24/7…goign to the mall would be like a trip to Disney!

  6. Calm down people. I didn’t call anyone lazy for being at the mall on a weekday. I said I FELT lazy. And I certainly didn’t say stay at home moms and dads don’t work hard. In fact, I posted something a few weeks ago that said it could be harder than going to work. Stop being so defensive.

    This is a blog for how I feel, and at that moment I felt lazy and I didn’t like it. So I left. That’s all. I think some of you are reading into it way too much.

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