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9 thoughts on “Follow Me

  1. I just found out today that we will be expecting our first child in about nine months. So of course the first thing I did is googled wtf I am supposed to do. I stumbled upon your blog and after spending the last five hours reading through it I just wanted to thank you for sharing. I really appreciate being able to read an honest account of what I am about to experience. You have been through a lot and I am sure you and your family are better people for it. Thank you and please keep it up!
    Oh btw I bullied kids throughout school and I feel like shit about it all the time, I have reached out to a couple and appologized but I know that doesn’t make up for the years of me making them feel shitty just because I did.


  2. Jared: Congratulations my friend. It ain’t easy and it sure as shit isn’t always fun, but being a dad is worth it and then some. Every single bit is worth it. And it validates my entire online existence that an expectant father came here and felt better after reading. So thank you. A lot.

    Hope you stick around and please feel free to shoot the shit here any time.
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  3. “I’m a proud messy parent, because I believe a home is meant to be lived in and enjoyed. After all, life is messy. And messy can be a whole lot of fun.”

    I could hug you! This is my motto in life! I am enjoying reading the “fathers perspective” on things. Thank You for doing what you do through this blog!

  4. Being 5 months pregnant, I stumbled across your blog via facebook and I am loving every single one of them!!
    Ive been laughing till the tears are rolling down my cheeks and sending them all to hubby!
    Well done on all of these posts, its so refreshing to read a about whats really going to happen!!

  5. Hey Aaron, I just discovered your website and it looks like a great resource! My wife and I are expecting our first child in October, so I’ll be following your posts closely (as I see you have number 3 on the way too) and devoting serious time to your back catalogue! Thank you!

  6. thanks for your post…. its real encouraging that I am not the only one that feels this way. My wife is 3 months pregnant and I am still having a farking difficult time adjusting….

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