Futures at Fenway

If you’re from New England you’re a Boston Red Sox fan. Or at least you should be. If you ended up rooting for some other godforsaken team then my God have mercy on your soul. And if it’s the Yankees…well, no mercy for you.

I’ve been a Sox fan my entire life. Through the recently great times and the notoriously heartbreaking ones. Everyone knows the Red Sox are a first-class organization with top-notch players. Currently, guys like Jacoby Ellsbury, Dustin Pedroia, Kevin Youkilis and Jon Lester. And looking back, who can forget greats like Wade Boggs, Nomar Garciaparra and Carlton Fisk. Each one of these men wore the Red Sox logo and achieved greatness. Some of them are in the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown and others might reside there in the future.

But do you know what else all those players had in common? Before they flourished under Fenway’s bright lights, they all passed through the Red Sox minor league farm system.

And now you have a chance to get a glimpse of future greatness.

The Red Sox are letting me give away a 4-pack of FREE tickets to one of my readers for their annual Futures at Fenway event, which features a double-header between the Pawtucket Red Sox (the AAA Sox affiliate) vs the Syracuse Chiefs (Washington Nationals AAA affiliate) and the Portland Sea Dogs (Red Sox AA) vs the Binghampton Mets (NY Mets AA affiliate).

The games take place this coming Saturday, Aug. 20, at 1:05 p.m. at Fenway Park. For one glorious afternoon, the stars of tomorrow get to play on the main stage in baseball’s grand cathedral. It’s a family event with tons of kids and various activities throughout the day. I haven’t been but MJ took Will last year and they had a ball.

Look, if you’re anything like me you love the Red Sox and you want your kids to love the Red Sox. But they have the most expensive tickets in baseball. Four “cheap” tickets to a Red Sox game will run you $150 and that’s not counting concessions and stuff for the kids. But the toughest part is your kids might get bored and want to leave, making the whole thing fairly impossible and REALLY expensive.

But these tickets are free (and even if you buy them they start at $5 a piece), the concessions are discounted and kids have tons of opportunities to get autographs. Not to mention see some quality baseball in a family-friendly environment. And let’s not forget…IT’S AT FREAKING FENWAY PARK. You can’t have a bad day at Fenway. Unless there are Yankee fans there.

So all you have to do if you want these tickets is leave a comment below telling me why you think you deserve the tickets more than anyone else. Make sure you do this by Wednesday at 5 p.m. At that point MJ and I will look over the responses, pick a winner and then you’ll be set for Saturday baseball at one of the coolest places on Earth.


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6 thoughts on “Futures at Fenway

  1. Hi Aaron, here is why:
    Because I have had to take out a second mortgage – OK not literally! – to take Junior to the Sox @ Fenway four times this year. We attend PawSox games fairly regularly, and I’m teaching the kid to love baseball, even in this era of video games and the ever-increasing impact of football — even keeping score at Sox and PawSox games, which fewer and fewer people do. And, even though I’m a Giants fan from my youth, living in Red Sox Nation, I have learned to love the Sox, and more importantly, to despise the Yankees as much as I despise the Dodgers… maybe even more!!

  2. Hi Aaron – love your blog, I’ve been reading it for awhile now, but this is the first time I’ve commented.We would love tickets because we have not been to Fenway with the kids in 2 years, and that cost us $500 for the tickets alone. We saw the Cape Cod Yarmouth Dennis Red Sox twice on vacation this summer, and the boys(9 and 7) started asking when we could go to Fenway!! Oh, and there is no mercy for those Yankee fans living in Mass(or elsewhere) Thanks 🙂 Go Sox – Bruins – Celtics -Pats

  3. This year we decided that it was finally time to take our 5 year to her first Red Sox game. We entered the lottery for tickets and suprisingly won. My husband had 3 computers going 15 minutes before the “window” opened. He order tickets for the first weekend day game. Five minutes after he told me the date I realized we had tickets for Princess On Ice. My husband was bummed. He didn’t want to go to the game with out our daughter, but she didn’t want to miss Princess on Ice. We took my 10 year old nephew, he was bored the whole time and they lost. A few weeks ago she asked when are we going to the Red Sox, I reminded her of the Princesses, she asked when they would be back. The point is my husband was bummed, he was ready to share “The Fenways” (as she calls it) and the Red Sox with his daughter, but we screwed up. Could we please have the tickets?

  4. Aaron you should give Beth and her friend Sue the tickets. They have endured more in the last year then many people do in a longer period of time.. During that time both have watched as the men they love didn’t work. Beth has also had to continue to do her best to transition from one wonderful boss who by the way has ALS and who knows how long will be with us to another who isn’t the best. She also listened as her best friend Sue was in a car accident three weeks ago and heard her screams,and she has dealt with that same friends sister-in law still recovering from a terrible car accident this past winter as we drove to see her at Cape Cod Hospital, and to Spaulding rehab in Boston. Not to mention as we continue to try to have a baby which I’m confident will happen the likelihood of us going to sporting events goes away at least for a few years. I don’t know any one who works harder and has had to endure more and a day at the Fens is always Relaxing!! One more thing one of her friends daughters has been in the hospital because of having two brain hemorrhages for a while now!

  5. One more thing to add Aaron the girls would be able to find 2 people no problem I unfortunately am unable to make it as much as I would love to!!

  6. Hi Aaron,
    While looking up information on this event – I found your blog. We’re taking a road trip from Philadelphia to Maine and want to make the journey part of the vacation. Two of our children were born in Boston and now live in Phillies country (not easy, but I guess easier than living with Yankee fans). When we make our trips back to New England – they stock up on Red Sox and Patriots shirt/hats/etc. Their bedroom is devoted to their New England teams, yet they are stand-alone fans in their school. A trip to Fenway would definitely make it to their 10 Ten list! Thanks.

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