I have to admit, yesterday did not start out well.

It’s getting warmer around these parts and so we’re sleeping with the windows open in an effort not to turn on the AC for as long as possible this summer. But when we open the window, that means the cat wants to sit up there on the window sill all night. The only problem is that stupid cat has to jump up there and manage to get underneath the heavy shades first. As you can imagine, this makes a lot of noise and Will is a light sleeper.

So in the middle of the night, MJ got the squirt bottle to deter them. She walked over to my side of the bed and sprayed the cat, and that’s when trouble started. The cat was immediately freaked out. As soon as the water hit her she bolted like she was possessed. In a crazed frenzy, the cat leapt up onto the bed and proceeded to use me as a speedbump on her way out of the room, leaving a trail of claw marks across my bare chest.

Let me tell you, it hurt like hell. I immediately began writhing around on the bed in pain and I let out a fairly loud yelp because of the pain. In an attempt to stifle myself, I tried to leave the room and get as far away from Will’s room as possible so I wouldn’t wake him.

So I’m out in the living room trying to walk it off and stop the bleeding, when my loving wife began speaking to me. A normal person would ask if I was OK right? Well, not MJ. Instead, she asked where I threw the remote. At this point I’ve been woken up, scratched profusely by a crazed feline and now my wife doesn’t even ask if I’m OK. Suffice it to say I had a few choice words for her. And those choice words did in fact wake Will up.

And then she blamed me for that too.

I was so mad at her I left the house for a while in the middle of the night because I couldn’t stand the sight of her. In the morning, we had a come to Jesus talk about everything that’s been bothering us about each other lately. There was quite a list, and we each had some valid points. But after we calmed down a bit, we decided we all needed to get out of the house. But one of the problems we discussed was that we share almost no common interests. It’s true, we both hate each other’s activities and hobbies. I’d rather light myself on fire than go to a museum or an art show and she hates going to the movie theater more than I can express.

Luckily, we found a great event taking place in Falmouth yesterday called Hounds at Highfield. It was an event held at an old mansion open to babies and dogs. We got some great info, some training tips and socialized both Haley and Will. But then we saw something neither of us had ever seen: a primer on something called geocaching (pronounced geo-CASHing).

We learned that this phenomenon has been around for a while. Basically, it’s a hi-tech treasure hunt. Someone hides a box of goodies somewhere and they record the latitude and longitude. Then people with handheld GPS devices enter those coordinates and go hunting for the treasure. Usually these treasures are hidden in the woods, near the ocean and on walking/hiking trails that make for a fun time.

We both fell in love with it instantly. Yesterday we trekked through the woods with Will and Haley and we found the treasure. And luckily, I think we also managed to find a hobby that’s fun for both of us. Thankfully these things are hidden EVERYWHERE and all we have to do is save up some money for a GPS and we can start hunting.

I’m only in my third year of marriage, but it’s tough. Tougher than I thought it would be, made even tougher by the fact that MJ and I agree on nothing. But sometimes I just a need reminder that a little common ground goes a long way.

For more info on geocaching read all about it here.

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9 thoughts on “Geocaching

  1. Now try it with eight to ten digit grid coordinates and you’ll be up to the military standard.
    We checked that out too. But, just haven’t done any recreational treasure hunts.

  2. My wife and I share very few common interests. The one thing we enjoy most together is going to the lake. She can lay out. I can swim, play with the dogs, and drink beer. The power of water in the summer is amazing.

  3. Think about it . . . . the more different your interests are, the better story telling when you come together to share your days, hobbies, interests with one another, I mean seriously if you both enjoyed the same things, you wouldn’t have much to talk about because you both were there. 🙂

  4. Opposites attract!

    It can be difficult. Especially when you throw a wee one into the mix! At least you had the conversation the next morning. After eight years of marriage I still stick my head in the sand!

    Slow on the uptake!

  5. I hate days that culminate in “Come to Jesus” talks, but they are necessary. I’ve been married 24 years in October and we still have them now and then. It clears the air and communication is so very important. Differences spark a marriage, whether in a good or bad way is up to the spouses. I’m glad you found some common ground with each other. Geocaching sounds interesting. BTW, my husband and I have mostly totally diverse interests, but somehow still find common ground. Laughter is important. Good luck with everything.

  6. I heard about something similar called letter-boxing or something like that. I’ll try and find the link and send it to you.

  7. Hi, I read your blog every day. It’s great to get a Dad’s view on parenthood.

    I just had to say, my husband and I have 3 kids, we’ve been married almost 11 years, on the brink of divorce but making an effort to salvage things. We have absolutely nothing in common anymore. We seriously can’t find 1 thing that we both truely enjoy, that we don’t just tolerate for the other person and it’s making things very very hard for us. I think it’s great that you guys could find something that brings you both together AND something you can do with Will!

  8. Thanks Jessica.

    I’m sorry to hear you’re going through that. I know how tough it can be when you don’t share any common interests. I mean hell, we had to get all the way to geocaching before we found something that may work.

    Good luck and I can’t wait to check out your blog.

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