Get That Lady a Job

MJ needs to work. Now. Immediately. Yesterday if possible.

She’s a work-o-holic. She’s had a full-time job ever since she was in high school. I’ve also worked since I was 15, but it’s different. If I could get away with not working, I’d love it. I have no problem with watching TV all day and being lazy. I would take to the unemployed lifestyle like a duck to water.

But not my wife. She’s one of these crazy people who LOVES to work. It defines her as a person. And so without a job, she feels like she has no definition. And it’s quickly making her insane. And sad. And quite honestly, pretty bitchy and annoying at times.

She has substituted household chores for her job. And to help her out with that (because chores are both of our jobs, not just hers) the first thing I did yesterday morning was to do all the dishes, clean the sink and then completely wipe down Will’s highchair because it was filthy. When I was finished, I asked her if there was anything else she wanted me to do. She said no, so I went about my day.

A few hours later, she began sniping at me. I honestly can’t remember for what, but I know it was trivial. Then the sniping led to arguing. And the arguing gave way to me being really pissed off.

She had the nerve to basically tell me that I don’t pull my weight around the house. When I promptly shot that argument down by listing all of the things I do around the house, she knew I was right. Yet she was undeterred, and shot back with “Well it’d be nice if you didn’t go around expecting a medal for doing things you’re supposed to do.”

I swear to God I wanted to tackle her right there and throw her out into the snow. But instead, I looked deep within myself and slowed down enough to think about the situation. I know she’s not really mad at me, she’s just frustrated with being out of work. Instead of reacting to her misplaced anger, I should be the bigger person. I should comfort her and tell her I understand what she’s going through. I thought about all this, and I immediately knew it to be true.

And then I blew up and told her she is a fucking lunatic and the things she was saying to me were complete bullshit! Because I am not built to sit idly by while someone makes an obviously faulty statement that is personally damaging to me. Maybe that’s the difference between being a husband of three years and a husband of 10 or 20 years. Maybe those guys have more experience and know better. Maybe.

Or perhaps those guys have given up. They got tired of fighting what are often losing battles. Their souls are worn out and trampled, their manhood metaphorically severed. The knowledge that even when they are right, they’re still wrong has beaten their spirits down to the point of total apathy and despair over the years. Because all I know is if I ever get to the point where I just sit back and take abuse that isn’t in any way my fault, I might as well put a gun to my head.

It’s just a shitty time right now. One income, health benefits not sorted out yet and minimal job opportunities on the horizon. Not to mention the terrible economic state that headlines the nightly news everyday. And let’s not forget this GODAWFUL SNOW!!!!!!! Hey, mother nature, I have news for you. IT’S FUCKING MARCH!Less than three weeks until spring and you’re hitting us with a noreaster?!!? I’m actually a huge fan of winter and snow, but enough is enough. This weather is making people crazy and unless you want a spat of homicides on your hands, you better bring the sunshine out of hiding and give us some proper weather dammit.

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5 thoughts on “Get That Lady a Job

  1. I am like you. I would love to be able to not work. These people that love working are like a different animal to me. They can’t be human. Good luck getting her back to work and getting you out of the dog house.

  2. For someone who hates stereotyping you sure do it to women an awful lot. I’m just saying. 🙂 Happy Monday!

  3. She should look into some volunteering opportunities. It would get her active and involved in something out of the house and add another dimension of purpose to her day. Looking at the same walls all day can drive a person batshit crazy.

    Side note: Why is the captcha giving me a cents symbol and my keyboard doesn’t even have one? Didn’t that go out with the typewriter?

  4. I’m with you on this one. I’m one to pick my battles, until I realized that I never pick any. Believe me, when I finally stood my ground, she was shocked.

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