Go Ahead, Ask Me Anything

I’m blatantly stealing this from Badass Geek and his wife The Boss, but I’m strapped for time recently and this is a good filler.

I know I pretty much lay my feelings out there on a daily basis, but maybe you have a question about me or my life that I haven’t addressed. Well now’s your chance. Whether it’s something straightforward about my life or an off the wall bizarro question some of you are so adept at coming up with, ask away and I shall answer. And if you have a question for MJ I’ll try to get her to answer too, although I can’t promise she’ll tackle all subjects.

I’ll post responses in 24 hours! Make em good!!

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15 thoughts on “Go Ahead, Ask Me Anything

  1. Thief!

    No, really, I’m glad I sort of started this thing. It’s a good way to get to know our fellow bloggers.

    Since I know your sports affiliation, if you were not a Red Sox or Patriots fan, what would your teams be?

  2. I’ve got three! Is that totally selfish of me? Sorry. Answer any/none.

    1) How do you feel about the all in one sandwhiches like Primanti Brothers? (I’m thinking you like your fries seperate, but hey…not judging)

    2) Is it wrong to buy The Commish Kit for ease (some people may be drunk drafting) even though the posterboard has worked well for years? I don’t want to be a sellout.

    3) Who’s your sleeper RB pick?

  3. What an interesting question! I want to know something recent and simple… did MJ talk to you instead of making you wait 2 weeks? It has really REALLY been bothering me….

  4. hmmm…

    1) what does MJ stand for (the initials, i mean : )? …

    2) will you post some more recent pics of will? he’s such a cutiepie!

    3) not a question, but – thanks for sharing the red sox stories – never knew there was such an amazing history behind the team – reading your blogs made me end up making my lil bro sit down one nite and explain the whole thing to me … we’re rangers fans, however : ).

  5. Do you think anyone or anything can breathe life back into the Detroit Lions before my lifetime ends? Please give me an unbias opinion to where they stand.

  6. Will there be a Will, II or a Willow any time soon? (I know, totally annoying question, but since I always get it, I’m passing it on.)

    What is your favorite band/singer?

    What is your favorite TV show besides sports?

    Do you think the Pats should try to sign the dog murderer as a backup QB now that he’s back on the streets?

    I could go on all night, but I’ll stop now.

  7. Would you concede the AL East race if you could guarantee being 1 game up in the Wild Card with 6 games to play (with 3 of them being against the Yankees)?

    And what’s the most valuable thing you would give up if it meant that Will would never be a Yankees fan?

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