Got a Little Captain in You?

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That, my friends, is a picture I would’ve been in as recently as a year ago. Before I worked on Saturday nights. Before I had to sacrifice my weekends to cut down on daycare. Before I became a parent.

This picture was sent to me earlier today from the parking lot of the Jimmy Buffett concert. Two of the guys are friends of mine who I used to live with in Boston. And in case you’re wondering, that is a homemade pirate ship, lots of sand and the thing you can see in the back left corner of the picture is a homemade tiki bar perched on a truck. My buddy Stav called me at 11:48 a.m., drunk off his ass, begging me to drive to the Comcast Center (with Will) and join them for the festivities. And if you’re not in the know, they’re doing the Captain Morgan pose and please note the majority of them wearing very cool Captain mustaches! Got a little Captain in you? Yes they do!

I won’t lie, for a brief moment I thought about how great it would be to throw on a Hawaiian shirt, jump in the car and relive my glory days with them. I could taste the Busch beer already. I’d get absolutely hammered, play lots of drinking games, sing drunken songs with my friends and bask in the glory of what used to be my life.

Then I turned around and saw my little Lunch Box sitting in his high chair, sweet potatoes covering his face, not-so-patiently waiting for me to resume feeding him. And the little shit grinned at me to boot.

“I can’t make it man, but have a blast,” I said with hardly a regret.

I won’t lie though, it would’ve been pretty fun.

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4 thoughts on “Got a Little Captain in You?

  1. Too funny, your friends! Those are the type of things you do end up having to say no to sometimes after you become a parent. Just make sure to say yes once in a while or you’ll regret it. Having a child changes everything only if you let it. You’ve still got to have a life of your own.

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