Happy Halloween

Sometimes I hate working on Saturday nights. Tonight is no exception. While I’m in the office my wife and son are trick-or-treating. Look at how cute they are:

Oh well. I hope everyone else has a great Halloween. Stay safe. And if you’re on the Cape, stay out of trouble or else I’ll be the one writing about you.

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6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. I work on Saturdays, too, but in the a.m. But, I do sympathize with you for missing all that cuteness. He’s adorable! I hope he and your wife had a very Happy Halloween!

    So, did you have to write about any troublemakers?

  2. Well, I’d say it’s a tie in that cuteness contest!!! Sorry you had to miss the festivities, but at least you can eat the fruits of their labor.

  3. You should have run across the street to the 19th Hole. Watching me attempt to throw darts in an actual Tudor gown was entertaining.

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