Happy Mother’s Day

I hope all of you moms out there are treated  like royalty today, and thank you for all that you do. When MJ woke up today, this is the letter she found courtesy of Will.

Dear Mom,

Now that I’m 13 months old, I thought it was high time I stopped relying on Dad to write out cards for me and generally convey my thoughts. So even though my fingers aren’t big enough to type yet, I’m making dad type this.

I want to tell you how much I love you. Seriously, you’re the best mom ever. Granted I don’t have any other mothers, but even if I did they wouldn’t be as great as you are. You do EVERYTHING for me. You feed me, dress me, care for me, play with me, read to me and you teach me. You also take my temperature rectally which I could do without, but I digress…

I know full well I’m a lot to put up with. I whine, I don’t always sleep through the night and now that I can walk I’m into everything. If I had to take care of me, I’d be insane right now. Not to mention my atomic diapers. Sometimes I wonder how you’re not passing out from my stench. Then again, you’ve dealt with dad in that department for years so maybe you’ve built up an immunity?!

I love you mom. You cared for me in your belly for 9 months and you haven’t stopped since. And I know you never will. Even when you had the Baby Blues you fought through it and you always put me first. Don’t think I haven’t noticed all of this. If I could talk I’d be thanking you everyday and telling you how grateful I am. I hear dad telling you the same things, but just like you, I tune him out too.

You do everything for me and all I have to do is flash my winning smile once or twice and apparently that makes us even. I won’t lie, this arrangement is very beneficial for me and I’m really hoping it stays this way for as long possible. But seriously, I don’t know what I’d do without you mom. You’re the best and I thank my lucky stars everyday that you’re my mom. There’s no one better

I love you, Happy Mother’s Day!

Will, aka your son, aka Monkey

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