Happy Summer

Memorial Day is (among other things) the unofficial start of summer. It means my favorite restaurants are finally open. It means the tourists are coming in full force. It means traffic rotaries are now a matter of life and death as morons from New Jersey and countless other states slam on their brakes in confusion. It means crowded beaches, fried clams, ice cream and shorts.

And it means Will has to dress “Cape Cod Preppy” to fit in.

Happy Summer!

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8 thoughts on “Happy Summer

  1. Aww! CC Prep is so cute on the wee ones. Just don’t let me see you in that outfit when I cross the bridge in a few weeks 😉

  2. Lola,

    You best let me know when you’re hauling your ass down here. There will be beers and salty meats to be had. Let me know. Maybe we can drag Cape Cod Gal along too.

  3. For the record, rotaries in MA are just as dumb as not being able to make a left turn in NJ. But damn, that’s a cute preppy kid.

  4. Where I live my favorite resturants are now open but you can’t get in to them because the Shoobies (our word for tourists…don’t ask) are in line. You don’t want to go to the overcrowded beaches because these same idiots think it is great fun to throw bread up in the air to the seagulls. AND New Jersey has plenty of traffic circles so your brake-slamming idiots must be from other states. They can’t seem to drive here either and they are always lost. FYI-You don’t want me coming up there because I would have to steal that adorable child. 🙂 (Just kidding but he is beautiful.)

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