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My Wife at 33 weeks
My Wife at 33 weeks

I’m a 28-year-old guy who’s been married for two years and my wife is 36 weeks pregnant. I live with my beautiful wife, two cats and two dogs in a 1,130 square-foot condo. The fact that I’m about to become a dad hasn’t really dawned on me yet. Hell, I still watch Family Guy and The Simpsons, and fart jokes haven’t lost their allure. I swear too much, I break things when the Red Sox or Patriots lose and I love going out for a few beers with my friends. In many ways I still feel like a college kid.

I would’ve started this blog earlier but my wife thought it was bad luck and didn’t want to jinx everything. But now we’re at 36+ weeks and the doctors say everything looks good. We’re due April 16 and I don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl because my wife wouldn’t let me find out. But I can’t be too mad at her, after all she’s letting me write about this experience with little to no restrictions, and she’s letting me post pictures of her with a big belly. Although she’s got nothing to worry about because she’s the only woman I know who can put on 30 pounds and manage to look even more beautiful than she did before!

I have been writing a little bit on the side as her pregnancy progressed, and I’ll be posting some of the funnier anecdotes and maybe some pictures. So stay tuned and feel free to comment and leave me some advice, because I know I’ll need it.

Despite all the worrying, I┬ácan’t wait to be a dad. I know it’ll be far tougher than I ever imagined, but hopefully 10 times as joyful as I could ever predict. I know I’ll make mistakes (which will be well documented in this blog) and my wife and I will butt heads (she doesn’t want me turning this kid into a Sox/Pats fanatic like I am), but it’s sure to be a memorable ride.

Stay tuned.

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