On Friday night Will was constantly waking himself up by having coughing fits. So I took him into our bed to prop him up and give him a bottle. Then I accidentally fell asleep. When I woke up, it wasn’t because Will was making noise. It was because I could no longer feel him sleeping up against me. I awoke with a start, my heart in my throat. But then I saw something curious…

Will was fully awake, in between me and MJ, and he was up on all fours.

This was huge because for weeks he’s been threatening to crawl but couldn’t seem to coordinate his arms and his legs at the same time. This marked the first time he put all of it together. And sure it was 3 a.m. but that didn’t stop me from waking MJ up to witness it. Will was quiet as a mouse but smiling broadly. It seemed like he wanted to stay very still, as if sudden movement would make him lose this balance he had worked so hard to attain.

So despite the early hour, we turned on the lights and I grabbed him and put him on the carpet to see if he would officially crawl. But instead he just looked at me like I was nuts. So then I got his favorite toy and put it in front of him on the floor, just out of reach. He cried. But at the same time he was crying, he managed to get up on all fours. And then…he crawled!!

I reacted like the Red Sox had just won the World Series. I was jumping around, clapping and telling him how proud I was. It felt like we had been waiting for years for him to crawl and when he finally did it I felt such an immense sense of satisfaction. Which is weird because I didn’t do anything. So I think it’s officially apparent that I’m going to be one of those overbearing sports dads who lives out his dreams through his son. I might as well polish off my beer belly, become an alcoholic, move to Texas and join the cast of Friday Night Lights as I make football games the sole reason for living.

As happy as I am for Will’s progress, I learned there are definite downsides to him being mobile now.

First of all, we are nowhere near having the house babyproofed. That was made clear when we turned our backs for 30 seconds and Will crawled toward one of the dustbunnies left by the cats. This was the result:

It’s crazy. You can’t turn your back for a second now. There’s no more leaving him in the middle of the room and going on the computer. Now that he can crawl he wants to go EVERYWHERE and there’s no stopping him. I’m amazed at the constant attention that is needed. You turn away for literally a few seconds and he’s gone! It’s simultaneously amazing and frightening.

Now we focus on the walking.

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12 thoughts on “HE’S CRAWLING!

  1. AWww COngrats Will!!! You look handsome with a Fumanchu!!!

    You’re parents are in for a trip!

  2. Holy crapola! I can’t believe this is literally WEEKS away for us too. Go Will! Good luck with the baby proofing. I’ve been told that dirt is harmless and the kid will eat a pound of it before he’s one so don’t worry about scrubbing your floors.

    Congrats on this wonderful milestone!

  3. WOOOhooo!!! Congrads! Let me know if he runs out of dust bunnies at your house. I have tons at mine!

  4. Wahoo for Will! Don’t worry about the dust bunnies, that’s just another dose of fiber. Begin with locking the cabinets (except the tupperware one!) in the kitchen. My boys love ‘cooking’ with the plastic while I’m cooking away. You’re going to love the way he crawls away from you now, when he’s got something you want in his hands/mouth/etc. 🙂 Crazy how fast it went, huh?

  5. The trick I learned with baby proofing is to get down on your belly and look at everything from that perspective. It opens a whole new world of life threatening possibilities.

    Or you could borrow someone else’s kid and use them to do a ‘sweep’.

  6. Congrats to Will…. We are still Inch Worming all over the house!!!! Except to mommy and daddy… He knows we can’t resist and will just go grab him up!

  7. God I can’t believe what a true mix he is of you and MJ. If I randomly saw that picture, I would say, “Hey that sort of looks like MJ or Aaron – with cat hair in their mouth!”

  8. Yay, Will! You’re in so much trouble now. My son crawled for I think a week and started pulling himself up and then walking. It was crazy how fast he could wobble away when you weren’t looking. Lock the cabinets is right, look out for any wires, and gate him in a safe room as much as possible. Good luck, man.

  9. LOL … nothing in the house is safe now.

    Amazing how fast the little critters develop! Someday you will be able to look back over your blog and be amazed.

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