I was getting ready for work today while MJ was playing with Will in the living room. All of a sudden she gasped loudly and covered her mouth. I thought he had fallen or something so I ran over in a panic, only to find that my son took his first three steps!!!!

For the record, that’s 9 months and 6 days. I’m calling Harvard this afternoon, as well as alerting the scouting department of the New England Patriots that we have a potential standout offensive lineman in the making.

I’m so friggin proud of that kid I could explode!!

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12 thoughts on “HE’S WALKING!!!

  1. Yay for Will!

    As for you, It’s all over now, my friend! Your weekend best be spent babyproofing EVERYTHING. My guy was a nine-month walker, too. Running is not far off.

  2. Of course, he took his REAL first steps with me quite a while back, despite claims to the contrary…

    But Way To Go Will! Now drive those parents crazy! And his grandmother wants everyone to know Aaron walked at 9 months old too…

  3. YEAH! Now we can hear about the real baby proofing fiasco’s.. V3 did the same then stalled out for awhile on the walking thing no matter how much we encouraged him.. Awesome.. i’m sure i’ll hear about this again…. OH YEAH, GO PANTHERS!!

  4. Listen to Miss Grace and Lola….
    this is it! babyproof and wait to see just how smart they really are- you’ll be amazed at what they can do that you think they can’t….
    Have fun!
    Congrats Will!

  5. Yay! My son walked early too (also at 9 months & a couple days) and while it is a very proud moment it quickly turns ugly as they realize they can reach twice as much stuff. 🙂 Just wait until he starts running!

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