Hurricane Madness

Anyone who has ever been through a hurricane knows that it’s craziness for days leading up to the big event.

Hurricane Earl currently has Cape Cod in its crosshairs and the impending pandemonium of this peninsula’s populace is perturbing indeed. Not to mention the barometric pressure is causing severe alliteration as well. People mob gas stations and supermarkets, buying up all the water and non-perishable food items as if they’re headed into a bunker for the next two years. Some stay at their oceanfront homes and tempt fate. Others board up their windows and flee for higher ground. A small percentage of lunatics actually enters the churning sea to surf.

And some of us, well…some of us really go nuts.

Happy Hurricane everyone.

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5 thoughts on “Hurricane Madness

    I have a some what similar photo of my brother that I have been using as blackmail for 21 years…I never tire of it 🙂

    PS-this captcha thing is nuts. It wants me to type “baggled mortified”
    Who comes up with this shit?!

  2. Is he asking which one looks better? That would be odd, lol.

    I just posted videos of my kids in the water at Seagull beach in Yarmouth. They had a blast.

  3. I’m from Chicago, and I don’t think Lake Michigan will be seeing a hurricane any time soon. Seems like a scary situation but, there’s nothing like a little boy in woman’s shoes to give you a laugh and take your mind off the craziness. Great post. Glad to see you and your family are okay.

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