I Hear Dead People

We all have dirty little secrets. But with the blog, most of mine are exposed for all to see. And mock. But I have to admit, I’ve been holding out on you guys in one area. And now, I’m ready to face the music. OK, I can do this…

I frequently attempt to commune with the dead.

No, I’m not talking about what it’s like to try and communicate with MJ in the morning before she’s had her coffee. Although that still applies. I’m saying that I’m into ghost hunting. Yup. The paranormal. As in I’m one of those crazy people who go to graveyards at night with a digital recorder hoping to catch the voice of a disembodied spirit on tape.

OK, shut the hell up. This may be the Internet but I can still hear what you’re thinking. Most of you are already sizing me up for a straightjacket. And while I can’t really blame you, I want to explain.

You see, it started with the TV show Ghost Hunters. Well to be totally honest, it started after I saw the very hot Kris Williams on Ghost Hunters, but let’s not get bogged down in the details. If you haven’t seen the show, they’re a group of paranormal investigators from Rhode Island and what got me hooked was they seem to be down to Earth people. Not the weirdo jackasses I imagined would be chasing ghosts. They go on investigations with cameras, digital recorders, thermal imagers, etc and sure, they hope to catch physical evidence of a ghost. But their main goal is to explain what’s happening, even if it’s just a creaky door hinge or electrical problems in the house that might make the homeowners think there’s ghostly activity occuring.

I was intrigued, so I started looking more into it. And that’s when I found other shows such as Ghost Adventures, Ghost Lab and Paranormal State. Pretty soon I was devouring as many episodes of this stuff as possible, because I was captivated by the “evidence” they were capturing.

The only problem is I’m a natural born skeptic. I’m a newspaper reporter for God’s sake, so there was no possible way I could take these people at their word. Hell, elementary school kids these days can edit sound recordings and manipulate videos, so imagine what professionals can do. I quickly surmised there was no other way to prove this stuff was legit than to try it myself.

Just before Halloween I had an opportunity through work to go on an actual ghost hunt with a local paranormal group on the Cape. You can check out the resulting story here. But I gained some tips and basic how-to information from the group’s founder and some members. I immediately went out and bought a digital recorder (a good investment because I also use it on a daily basis for work) and I was ready to go.

I know some people get freaked out in cemeteries, but not me. For some reason cemeteries have always interested me greatly. I like to walk around and check out the stones because you can always find some pretty interesting/sad/noteworthy people and gravestones. Especially in the older cemeteries, of which there are many on Cape Cod.

But when I got there I felt like a complete ass. I had my digital recorder and I was accompanied by one of the professionals, but I just couldn’t walk around asking questions to thin air. So I just ambled around and read some stones, all the while keeping my recorder on and letting her do the talking. We were out there for an hour that night in November, but after the first 15 minutes I felt so dumb I just wanted to leave. I asked myself what the hell I was thinking partaking in such a ridiculous activity. And when I got home I almost didn’t want to listen to the tape because I was so embarrassed.

But I’m glad I did.

I had donned headphones and was sitting on the couch with MJ, just listening to the tape, when all of a sudden I literally jumped out of my seat. I heard a voice that wasn’t mine and wasn’t the woman’s I was with. I couldn’t tell what it was saying, but it was surely saying something. It sounded like singing or humming actually. And it freaked me the hell out. Have a listen, it’s toward the end.


Like I said, I don’t know what that was. But I know it wasn’t me or her. Neither one of us did any singing that night. No one else was within earshot, that wasn’t caused by any nearby traffic and it sure as shit wasn’t the wind. Now I’m not saying that means it was a friggin ghost, I’m just saying I can’t explain it.

However, it was enough to pique my interest. Kind of like golf in that one good shot can keep you coming back for more.

And come back I did. A couple months later I took my cousin Shelby to the same cemetery. And while there was no singing, there was a soft, unidentified voice saying something I can’t understand. Have a listen and tell me your best guess. It’s about 4 seconds in.


Again, I want to be clear, I do not believe in ghosts. Not yet anyway. I’ll need a lot more proof than a couple of weird voices caught on tape before I go around claiming to have evidence of existence after death. So why do I do it? To be honest, it’s a cheap hobby and it’s interesting to me. As an added benefit I’ve actually picked up a lot of cool local history by visiting area graveyards and talking to the people responsible for cemetery upkeep, who know all the interesting historical tidbits and back stories.

I especially like the stories about the people who met their end suddenly and tragically. Not because I enjoy the suffering of others, but because I believe if there are people who want to remain behind as spirits, it would be these people. The people whose deaths went unsolved while their killers went unpunished. The people who died in freak accidents before their time who still had unfinished business. A husband who died unexpectedly shortly after getting married and wasn’t ready to leave his beloved. I’m in it for the background stories as much as anything. And this is an inexpensive hobby that allows me to get out of the house, get a little exercise and learn a thing or two. I’ve actually become halfway decent using editing software because of it.

Yet my friends, family and my wife think I’m completely nuts, but I’m pretty sure that was the case before I started all of this business. But what about you guys? Are you dead set against it? Curious? A total believer? If enough of you are interested we can start our own TV show. I can see it now. I’d be the front man because it was my idea dammit. Badass Geek would be the nice guy who everyone likes who also serves as the electronic guru of the group who handles all the equipment. JEE could be the wise-cracking skeptic who keeps everyone grounded and laughing. And nearly all of these shows seem to feature a hot girl with a nice ass as a requirement to hook male viewers. My wife won’t cooperate so I’m looking at you, Cape Cod Gal, as eye candy.

Who’s with me?


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11 thoughts on “I Hear Dead People

  1. I haven’t gotten into watching the paranormal shows yet. But, I think I may be sporting some ghost mojo detection. I remember when we were looking at real estate one house in particular gave be a bad vibe. One of those vibes where you think something really bad happened here. I grilled the real estate agent a little and she told me the seller reused doors from a mental institution. I was wondering why those doors where so cool. So, we passed on that house but, maybe I got something with my inner paranormal detection system.

  2. Alright man… I didn’t even listen to your audio clips. Its about 11:30 PM where I’m at and I won’t be able to sleep if I do.

    As much as i’d like to admit I could do a “ghost hunt”… I would undoubtedly shit my pants 5 minutes into it.

    You can enjoy doing it… but not me… I’ll stay home and watch cartoons.

  3. Well interesting hobby. I’m kind of with the wife, family and friends–skeptical. However, having a reporter dig into this rather controversial subject does intrigue me. I’m not dead set against it, but like yourself I would need more evidence. I think your the right man for the job. *hehe* Keep us posted.

  4. I love this stuff too, mostly because of the shows. They did a thing in North Adams at the Masonic Temple.

  5. Well, dear, as a practicing pagan with many of these experiences already under my belt, I’d make a piss poor skeptic. But I can bring my pendulum, Tarot cards and 2 decades of experience, lmao!!!

    For some reason this won’t show up when I post it.

  6. I don’t believe in it, but I am always intrigued by the people who believe so strongly in what they have seen or heard. What if they are not completely nuts. Why would they make this stuff up. I will never believe, but I find the belivers interesting.

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