I Just Love the %*#@ Out of Him!

Seriously, I just love Will.

I do a lot of complaining on here, but I think I do a fair amount of gushing too. And this, my friends, will be a gushy post. Because while I had a great time this weekend hanging out with my friends and getting fucking hammered a little tipsy, I realized how much I need Will now. I’m like a crack addict only if crack were good for you.

When we made it back to my parent’s house I was practically foaming at the mouth to see Will. And of course, he had just gone down for a nap before we got there. But that didn’t stop me from going up to give him a little kiss.

He’s just so…cool! He does all of these really great things now and I barely need TV anymore because he’s the most fascinating thing I’ve watched in years. You have to understand that everything is new to him. He has no preconceived notions or contrived expectations to how things should be. He is simply out to experience EVERYTHING. He’s like the coolest science experiment you’ve ever had. When he tastes something for the first time I just watch his face and his reaction. When he sees something — anything — new he wants to learn all about it. Want isn’t even the right word. He NEEDS to learn all about it. His curiosity is astounding and he’s like a little sponge taking everything in and absorbing it.

He does this great thing now that MJ taught him. He puts his hand in his mouth while he’s yelling and moves it up and down really fast. The resulting sound is akin to when you make a pouty face with your lips, take your index finger and move it up and down over your lips creating the funny sound. Well that’s what he does only with his whole hand. It’s hysterical and heart warming and I make him do it 100 times a day for my amusement.

But what I really love about Will are those little moments no one — not even MJ — sees. When it’s just me and him. Maybe MJ is taking a nap and the dogs have miraculously gone to sleep. We’re playing together and I’m making him laugh. I toss him around and he giggles. Then the giggles turn into a barrage of delirious belly laughs where I can see all eight of his incoming teeth.

But then he calms down and looks at me with the kindest, most innocent eyes I’ve ever seen. He’s still smiling, but it’s more of a contented little grin. And we stare at each other for a few moments and I just take him in. All of him. From his adorable face to his cute little hands, big pot belly, Michelin Man legs and porky little feet. And I tell him I love him. But it never feels like enough, so I explain to him that he is the most special thing I’ve ever done. And I tell him daddy’s life has never been so complete. I meet his amused gaze and I tell him there is no possible way any other human being on any other planet in any other galaxy could love someone else as much as his daddy loves him. And I nearly break down into tears from the enormity of my love for him.

I bare my soul to him, we share this beautiful moment together and then…

He punches me in the face.

Oh well. They can’t all be Hallmark movie moments.

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5 thoughts on “I Just Love the %*#@ Out of Him!

  1. And that never goes away. I still look at my kids in amazement that I created that. When I’m not busy contemplating choking them, duct taping them to the wall or selling them to Gypsies, I really like to take time to appreciate them for the little miracles they are.

  2. Will was an angel this weekend, and you could have stayed away for the entire week and it would have been fine with me! We had a ball, and he now knows all my secrets! I remember when Alicia brought V3 over, and I told you “I want one just like that!” Well, you and MJ did a great job – he is perfect! And my advice is – treasure these moments that he can’t talk back to you!

  3. I agree with the old guy about the not talking…..I had a “Hallmark moment” with Matt the other night….I was snuggling with him and he was looking in my eyes and my heart was melting and then….he yelled “No mama, no! No!” No what you ask? Not a freakin clue but ‘no’ is Matt’s FAVORITE word. Figures.
    Merry Christmas everyone!

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